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    Weekend basic photography course

  • Apr24

    Wildlife photography is all about capturing great pictures of animals and birds. Better wildlife photography is not only to have all the essential equipments in place but it is about light, composition and creativity. Here are some useful wildlife photography tips and tricks that photographers can use to capture beautiful shots.

    Study Your Subject:
    The most important part in wildlife photography is your subject. You need to study your subject closely to capture the right moment. Different animals behave differently. You need to have patience and observe your subject carefully, spend time around them, watch them and try to know them. You will be able to get the best shots if you create an intimate connection between you and your subject.
    Photographer: Sudhir Kendhe

    Capture the eye contact:
    Wildlife photographs with clear and sharp eyes of the subject speak thousand words. It is all about eye contact. Focus on the subjects eyes and take your shots. Taking shots at your subject’s eye level will certainly give you a dramatic perspective of the subject.
    Photographer: Sudhir Kendhe

    Choose an appropriate time:
    To capture incredible wildlife images you need to get out early and stay out late. You will get the best shots when you least expect them. You should be the first wildlife photographer to hit the field and the last one to keep your equipments away.
    Photographer: Sudhir Kendhe

    Capture Action:
    Try to capture your subject’s in action. Wildlife photography is best when you capture action. Actions like hunting, feeding, etc can be captures at dawn or dusk when most animals are doing something interesting. Action shots look most impressive in wildlife photography.

    Photographer: Sudhir Kendhe

    Know Your Equipment:
    Ensure that you use the right camera with choose an appropriate lens and if possible a tripod for best results. Know the minimum shutter speed at which you can obtain a sharp image with your camera/lens combo. Practice and learn to toggle between focus points and know how to push your camera’s settings to achieve acceptable results. Make all the necessary settings and adjustments well before you plan to shoot.
    Photographer: Sudhir Kendhe

    The light effect:
    Best time to capture wildlife images is before sunrise in the golden light. And you can stay back late till sunset. Don’t let glares reflect off shiny feathers or shadows across the face of your subject ruin your photo. Capture the full face of your subject without any shadows in sunlight. You can get the best results when the sky is lightly overcast with thin cloud.

    Photographer: Sudhir Kendhe

    Background is not necessary always:
    An effective wildlife photograph is the one that is captured using natural light and natural settings. If the background is working for you, use it well. If not, try to capture the subject and avoid the background so that it looks toward the centre of the picture, not towards the edge of the frame.

    Photographer: Sudhir Kendhe

    These simple and easy wildlife photography tips and tricks and help you capture some beautiful and outstanding shots of animals and birds. Keep practicing and try out these tips to get the best results.

  • Apr23

    As amateur photographers out there in the market, it is essential for us to understand the working of fashion. The most important aspect for any and every fashion shoot is the concept. Every shoot has some concept. Without it, the shoot would not have a clear path or understanding. It is also the most creative part of a fashion shoot. A Concept put up well together makes great Fashion photography.

    Figure 1: Photo by Santosh Mhatre

    Concepts give us the opportunity to this out of the box, while keeping within the parameters of a theme or a topic. A fashion image does not have to be boring and with a plain, simple background and theme. A single fashion photograph can often hold a story within itself. It holds a part of the photographer in it. You can be most creative with your ideas in a fashion Photography shoot. One can say it is a canvas for thoughts and ideas to be painted on.

    Figure 2 Photo by Priyanka Desai

    A concept can be portrayed through numerous means in an image; colours, shapes, designs, props, and most importantly, lighting. Lighting can be the biggest communicator when it comes to getting a concept across. A soft glowing light can give a gentle, ethereal feel, exactly where a more dramatic lighting can lead to a vivacious ambiance. This is one Fashion photography tip that you cannot afford to miss-“Work on the concepts”

    Figure 3: Photo by Angelina Shah

    One of the most important things to keep in mind while picking a concept for a fashion photography shoot is the clothes and other fashion products to be used. It works both ways; sometimes a concept is built around the clothing involved, while on other occasions the clothes aid a powerful concept. Make sure that the main product is not lost in the feel of things.

    Figure 4: Photo by Sachin Chandane

    The best way to develop the skill to build up concepts is researching. Researching for every concept is crucial. It helps to better understand and furthermore better convey what you want to express. It is also vital to go through fashion magazines that showcases a great body of fashion Photography tips and sites and study their shoots to better understand how to successfully portray a concept without being too clichéd and obvious.
    With the right steps in place you will soon be able to understand and convey concepts effectively.

    Figure 5: Photo by Shivmurat Soni

    Hope these Concept building Fashion Photography Tips helped you get a perspective!

    unnamed (8)

    Article by Angelina Shah

  • Apr23

    Fashion photography is a genre of photography devoted to displaying clothing and other fashion items. It’s often an incredibly experimental medium, and results in innovative and high-concept photography.

    It is indeed challenging to be an excellent fashion photographer. You have to be exceptionally creative, use modern techniques and be prepared for long working hours and tough deadlines. Here are some fashion photography tips that photographers can refer to before the photo shoot.

    Do Some Researchand pick a theme

    Fashion photographers should be inspired by other professional photographers and go through their work and come up with innovative ideas. Fashion photography is a skill where photographers need to observe minute details like colors, background, theme, light effects and more. Photographers can refer to various fashion photography blogs online to view various examples and ideas.

    For example: You choose a simple idea of a photo shoot of a male and a female model with a theme romantic moments. You can choose your location, make-up, colors and all other factors once you have decided on a particular idea or theme.


    Shari Photo Library

    Select Your Models

    You need to select a perfect model for your photo shoot. Based on the theme you have decided, you need to choose a model and decide on her/his looks, features and expressions. The model you select can make or break the entire photo shoot. So, you need to ensure that you pick the best model.


    Photographer: Dhruvin Shah

    Select a Location

    Choosing a desired location for the photo shoot is extremely important. You need to check various factors while choosing a perfect location like background, colors, light, objects and more. You can choose urban settings, rural settings like beaches, river banks, parks, fields etc.


    Shari photo Library

    Clothes & Make-up

    Fashion photography is all about latest fashion trends in clothing and beauty. Ensure that you select the best outfits for your models. Choose the best make-up artist who can change your models look and make them look even more beautiful.


     Shari photo Library


    Proper lighting and correct effects are important factors that a fashion photographers needs to consider before the photo shoot. You can refer to various magazines and read fashion photography blogs online to check new posses, lighting and effects of fashion photography. You may need a little extra light source when shooting in sun. You can experiment with different angles and posses to get some best shots. Watch out for unwanted shadows that may fall across the face and body of the model.


    Shari Photo Library

    Keep your Equipment ready

    Always keep all your equipments ready for the photo shoot. On the day of shoot, you should be well prepared and have all the equipments in place, charged and sparkling clean.

    Once you are done with your photo shoot, you will need to edit your pictures, upload, share and send it to magazines. You can then start planning for your next photo shoot. You can capture some great photo shoots by following these simple fashion photography tips.


  • Apr23



    Pic By : Montse Alvarado

    Getting a perfect sunrise shot requires a lot more than just getting up early. Sunrise or sun up is the instant at which the upper edge of the Sun appears on the horizon in the morning. There are various factors a photographers needs to consider to capture beautiful sunrise images that stand out of the crowd.

    You need to determine the right exposure by using correct ISO settings, aperture and shutter speed. Understanding and finding out perfect settings can be quite tricky and challenging at times. Lighting is the most important factors during sunrise and can change rapidly. Therefore, it’s crucial to be able to capture that one window where the sky is a burst of subdued hues.

    Apart from perfect location and right settings you also need to be creative and come up with innovative ideas of capturing beautiful sunrise shots.

    Montse Alvarado captured this beautiful sunrise shot in a glass of wine on his 10th anniversary celebration at Riviera Maya, Quintana Roo. This was a perfect moment captured by Montse Alvarado to celebrate love and romance. This beautiful image has been shortlisted for the Traveler Photo Contest 2014 on National Geographic Traveler.

  • Apr22


    Pic by: Debanu Mondal

    Comments: This picture has been captured in a small Village called Thakurnagar. The frame looks quite neat in composition. This image has been shot on an extreme telephoto lens at a focal length of 300mm. This results in extreme shallow Depth of field. What i really enjoy in this picture is that the even though the picture has been shot at 1/800th of a sec, a motion has been registered in the wings as its flipping speed is faster. That motion blur gives the viewers a sense of movement and speed.

    Exif file info:
    Camera: Nikon D7000
    Lens: 70-300 Non-VR
    Shutter speed: 1/800
    ISO: 400
    Aperture: f/9
    Focal Length: 300mm


    Pic by: Jeswin Rebello

    Comments: This is a very good attempt at Light Painting. Its commendable as the choice of location and the virtual painting of the man fishing makes a terrific story. The composition, the use of the frame and proportion of the man in the picture is nice. Very beautifully executed. The photographer tells us that he used a keychain Led light to paint this character.

    Exif file info:
    Camera:Nikon D5000
    Lens : Nikkor 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6
    EXIF: f/10, 149 sec, ISO:200


    Pic by: Vanessa Schaeffer

    Comments: This is a terrific picture of the Kitten, It depicts its character quite well. I love the way the bar stool has been included in the frame. The communication with the Kitten is instant and engaging as the focus has been aptly set on the eyes. It appears that the kitten is sprawling at its time for leisure. The black and white treatment has been done well. Also the contrast looks nice.
    Exif file info:

    Canon EOS Rebel T3i
    EFS 18-55mm lens
    Shutter: 1/50
    5.0 f
    ISO 800


    Pic by: Sumit Debanth

    Comments: This is a very interesting shot taken from inside of a bus that moves along the Hawrah bridge,Kolkata, India. It appears to be a rainy day. There are other cars moving along. The drops of water on the glass makes the picture look artistic. Including the wiper gives us a sense of reality. Also the ceiling of the bridge leads the views into the frame.

    Exif file info:
    camera: Nikon P520
    shutter speed: 1/320 sec
    aperture: f/3.3
    ISO: 200
    focal length: 7mm

    Pic by: Animesh Banerjee

    Comments: This is a very interesting pattern picture. I love the way the photographer has filled the frame with the main subject of interest. The Light and shade adds a lot of drama to the picture. The textures are coming out quite well. The contrast makes the picture appear very powerful. The Aerial view is very compelling to the eye.

    Exif file info: Unavailable


    Pic by: SZ Photography

    Comments: This is a very interesting shot of the bulb. The vantage point from which it has been shot makes the subject look enhanced in perspective. Also the colorful bokeh background looks like a visual treat. The reflections of the hues makes the foreground look quite compelling too.

    Exif file info: Unavailable






    Article By Harika Chanana