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    Weekend basic photography course

  • Apr16


    Pic by: Abhijeet Kumar

    Comments: This picture has been captured at a zoo in Patna. I love the saturation of the reds. The contrast of the colors is coming out quite well. Also the shallow depth of field is working brilliantly in the picture. It was a great idea to fill the frame completely with the subject.

    Exif file info:

    EXIF: NIKON D5100, Lens Tamron 70-300 at 300 MM

    ISO: 200
    Shutter speed:1/640
    Aperture: F/5


    Pic by: Shadab Ali

    Comments: This is a fantastic shot of the Air craft. The angle is very compelling. The horizon line is neatly placed in the bottom one third and this divides the canvas into almost one third and two third. A Vignette has been added in the post to enhance the picture. Also the image has been partially de-staurated.

    Exif file info:

    EXIF -
    Camera: Sony DSC-HX1
    Focal Length: 7.00mm
    ISO: 125
    Exposure: 1/2000 sec
    Aperture: 4.64
    F Number: f/5


    Pic by:Rajat Samantrai

    Comments: This is an excellent shot. It looks like two travelers are having fun playing card games while they are commuting in the train. The window lighting looks phenomenal. The composition is powerful and engages the views almost immediately.

    EXIF Details:
    Camera: Nikon D5200
    F-stop: f/2.8
    Exposure: 1/200 sec
    ISO: 200


    Pic by: Rajat Samantrai

    Comments: This is a beautiful portrait shot at Bangladesh. The frame looks very artistic. The plastic sheet in the foreground spreads in diagonal lines connecting with the viewers almost immediately. It was a great idea to process this image into black and white. There is spilt lighting on the lady’s face which adds drama to the picture. The food stall almost makes a frame for the lady.

    Exif file Info:

    EXIF Details:
    Camera: Canon 1100D
    focal length :55.0 mm
    S: 1/45
    ISO: 200

    Mode: M


    Pic by: Soumen Saha

    Comments: This is a very interesting portrait of this young girl fetching water out of the lake. She has some very interesting expressions on her face. She looks quite amused at being photographed. The red bucket is a contrast to the green grass at the back. Her reflection adds value to the image.

    Exif file info:

    Canon 650D with 55-250
    1/2000 sec
    ISO 1600
    250 mm


    Pic by: Diego Leite Salvador

    Comments: This is a very pretty portrait of the lady from Brazil. It appears that an external flash has been used from inside of the umbrella. The color tones look mezmerizing.

    Exif file info:

    EXIF- Canon 60D
    ISO 160
    50mm f2.8







    Article By Harika Chanana

  • Apr14


    Photographer: Harika Manjit Chanana

    Nothing feels more refreshing than shooting flowers. It brings you close to mother nature and makes you smell the sweet scent of flowers that blossom to the light of sun. Practicing flower photography is fun filled exercise and it helps you create some home decor images too. Flowers are colorful, attractive, in different shapes and sizes, of different breeds, available in local parks, your building gardens, etc.

    Here are a few simple flower photography tips that will help you to create some magical floral pictures.

    1) Camera: Camera is no bar. Any camera will help you take good flower pictures. Even a simple Mobile phone camera can do a brilliant job. Attach alongside is one such image taken from my mobile, I Phone 5, during broad day light in my building compound. I spotted the flower blossomed to its fullest, bright and attractive. I had to take a picture of that. Having a DSLR is certainly more advantageous as it contributes to the technical quality due to a bigger CMOS size. Nevertheless, the mobile camera did a great job.


    Photographer: Harika Manjit Chanana

    2) Lens: A Macro lens is highly recommended for doing Flower Photography. There is a Magnifying glass inside a Macro lens that helps you enlarge the main subject of interest in a certain ratio/life size or larger, specified on the lens. So a small looking flower will occupy a fairly large portion on the camera’s display. You can come uptight to a flower and fill your frame with it for some really great close ups. Also you have to go really close to your subject with a Macro lens, and that in-turn produces a very shallow depth of field. Macro lens helps you focus up close making it a great choice for shooting flowers.

    3) Extension Tubes: Extension tubes are a good substitute to Macro lens. This is an accessory that goes between the camera body and the lens. It has no optics, it is only there to increase the distance of the lens from the sensor, reducing the minimum focusing distance allowing close up photography


    4) Tripod: You can take great flower photographs without the tripod too, however using one will get you better images. It is extremely useful when your playing with very shallow Depth of field. You can precisely focus at your main point of interest while your composition is fixed. It helps you stabilize while shooting and you can think towards achieving better frames.


    5) Adjusting your white Balance: White Balance is the color temperature of the light source in the presence of which we shoot our subject. You can adjust it as per the lighting situation you face.


    6) Adjusting other Camera Settings:

    To achieve maximum image quality with minimum noise shoot at ISO 100 or 200.
    Shoot on Camera RAW file format for capturing more details in terms of color balance, exposure etc.
    Use Single shooting rather than continuous.
    Use Manual focusing rather than Auto
    Use a closed aperture like f/11 when you want to maximize details.
    Use an open aperture like f/2.8 when you want to sharply emphasis on a particular portion of the flower against a blurred background.


    Photographer: Harika Manjit Chanana

    7) Look out for unconventional frames: Don’t click a picture that you have seen before. Always try to do something that you have never done before. The power lies in being different


    Photographer: Harika Manjit Chanana

    8) Try creative use of Slow shutter speed: This picture enclosed alongside has been captured at the Kaas valley of flowers,Satara. I captured this at 1/15 th of a second. There was a lot of breeze because of which the flowers were in constant motion. As it was complete daylight, i had to close my aperture completely to f/22. This helped me to capture motion at a slow shutter speed. ISO was fixed at 100. I felt the motion made the picture look dramatic.


    Photographer: Harika Manjit Chanana

    9) Try black and white: If you achieve good lighting while shooting flowers, it can make a terrific black and white picture. This makes the picture look dramatic. Make sure to capture a picture that has a good proportion of mid tone, highlight and shadow areas. Also this picture of the flower alongside has great contours, making an artistic subject in itself.


    Photographer: Harika Manjit Chanana

    10) You can use a diffusers/Reflectors/Thermacols/External Flash for fill in light: When the sun’s position is on top and you want to diffuse the harshness, you can place the diffuser between the sun and the flower to change the quality off light. Likewise if there is a shadow area that you need to fill, place a thermacol to fill in or even better use a silver reflector and bounce some light from the sun to dark area. You can also use a ring flash to illuminate the flower.



    Photographer: Harika Manjit Chanana

    11) Light and shadow: Flower photography is incomplete without the correct use of Light and shade. Its like natures way of wearing makeup. The best time to shoot flowers outdoors is early morning between 7am-9.30 am and in the evening between 4pm-6.30pm. For the remaining hours you can refer to point no 10.


    Photographer: Harika Manjit Chanana

    12) Color Contrast: This is one interesting flower photography tip that you should not miss out on. Color contrast makes the image look very appealing to the eye. In the image alongside, the yellow flowers against the green background attracts the viewers attention instantly.


    Photographer: Harika Manjit Chanana

    Hope you had a great time reading these simple yet effective Flower photography Tips. It will be even more fun to actually practice Flower photography. So what are you waiting for ? Grab your cameras are start shooting the natures most beautiful creation, the flowers.






    Article By Harika Manjit Chanana

  • Apr11


    Shiv Murat Soni, Beauty and Conceptual fashion photographer.

    Shiv Murat Soni, born on September 1st, 1988 from Amethi, Uttar Pradesh is a noted Indian beauty and conceptual fashion photographer based in Mumbai. He pursued his undergrad in applied arts from Lucknow University and has pursued his master craftsman degree in photography from Shari Academy, Mumbai. He has been honored with many awards, to name a few- Lalit Kala academy award for photographers, 2nd award by Oxfam India for Jashan-E-Azadi 2010, 1st award by AIDS control Society at diamond jubilee of Lucknow arts college, Shari Ratna, Shari Topgun, Shari Deans award etc…


    Being in art school he was always exposed to photography during his undergrad, traveling and nature always fascinated him.


    He joined Shari Academy, a renowned photography school to pursue his passion despite of strong opposition from his family. Studying in Shari was big turn around in his life as
    he came in touch with many different genre of photography and fell in love with Beauty and fashion Photography and decided to pursue it as a career. Since then there is no looking back.


    He is huge admirer of Jatin Kampani. He takes great inspiration from him for his beauty and Conceptual Fashion Photography. He feels that there is constant freshness in his body of work and that is very important for a Fashion Photographer.


    This is how Shiv perceives Beauty:

    “My goal for this shoot was to create a high fashion yet stunning beauty shot showcasing the makeup, model, and hair. I contacted a local modeling agency, and found an amazing young model that would provide a youthful look, but a confident and mature presence. I also invited one of my regular makeup artists over to do the hair and makeup. This was a convenient solution because she is exceptional at the international artistic hair styling and makeup I wanted for this look, and she was also in the market to expand her portfolio with respect to Hair styling”.


    This is how Shiv perceives Fashion:

    “For art to meet its ultimate purpose, to make one feel, imagine, think and eventually understand, it does not need to be accompanied by words, it requires no explanation. Because art can easily become the silence of thought and the music of sight, particularly when explored like a sum of all things beautiful, gifted with meaning, or envisioned in a rather wild setting”.




    1&2: Sexiness can take on many forms: it can be playful or genuine, loud or poetic, it can be straightforward or subtle, but no matter what defines it, in the end its impact is roughly the same. Even more captivating if possible, when high sensuality enters fashion territory things are bound to get on the provocative side. Set somewhere between art and fantasy. Like the shocking expression of the secretary when she sees her boss in seductive pose.


    3. She hides bits and pieces of the old world within her wide universe, bringing together fragments of the past and fractions belonging to a still present.


    4. These photo represents peace as clearly seen in the image considering the elements, expression and colors used.


    Some Important piece of Advice that Shiv wants put across his readers:


    Most important bit of advice I can give you. In fact, don’t just prepare, over prepare! never walk on to a set without having a concrete idea of what you are looking to achieve.

    Always be open to suggestions, and ideas, and love to see what others can bring to the table,
    but never hand over the reigns.

    Every time I make a mistake on set,I learn, and know better for next time.

    You can’t be afraid to screw up! The reality of the situation is that inevitably, you will screw up! But Its ok, Its actually wonderful because Its how you learn.


    You cannot let someone else take over your vision

    You have to believe in yourself, and your work! The best way to learn is to completely throw yourself into it.

    Shiv Murat Soni, is a young and a talented Beauty and Conceptual photographer. His work has been highly appreciated in the photography fraternity. He loves to create powerful Beauty portraits that are high on glamor quotient. He quenches his thirst for Image Making by coming up with brilliant new ideas and concepts and executes them to excellency. Hope Shiv’s Body of work inspired you !






    Article By Harika Chanana

  • Apr7






    Article by Harika M. Chanana

    Pic by:Charlotte Hellings

    Comments: This is very interesting portrait. The color tones look fantastic. The frame used in the background looks compelling to the eyes.

    Exif file info:

    Nikon D600 with Nikon 50mm 1.8 lens
    ISO 400
    Shutter 160

    Pic by:

    Comments: This is a very beautiful landscape scene and it has been captured at Mourisca-Portugal. The sky looks extremely dramatic as its motion has been captured by keeping the shutter open for 40 seconds. The leading lines draws the viewer into the frame. The shadows of the pillars on the bridge is deep due to hard lighting. That one house in the background adds to the pictorial beauty of the frame.

    Exif file info:

    Canon 5DII – Canon 17-40 | E:40s| A:F10 | Iso 50 | DF:17mm


    Pic by: Pawan Sharma Photography

    comments: This is a very interesting picture of the street kids who portray a mood full of fun and frolic. This picture has been captured at Banerghatta road, Bangalore. I enjoy the feel of the picture. The kids look like as if they are in a world of ecstasy, enjoying and dancing. I only wish that kid in the foreground would have been in focus too. This could have easily been achieved by keeping the Aperture closed to about f/8 or more. Nevertheless, the picture portrays a great mood and brings out the raw emotions beautifully.

    Exif file info:

    Nikon d5000, f2.4, 1/500, ISO 200


    Pic by: Probin Koirala

    Comments: This is a very interesting portrait of a Sadhu (man who practices religious activities). He looks like an old man who is wearing a beautiful smile. His forehead is painted with a bright red and white color. Hence the photographer titles this image as”the the colorful smile”. The composition looks intriguing. The focus has been aptly fixed on the eyes, making the communication powerful. The man’s beard adds to his character.

    Exif file info:

    Exif Details:
    Camera: Canon 600d
    F-stop- f/4.5
    Exposure time- 1/100s
    ISO- 200
    focal length- 18-55mm at 36mm


    Pic by: Prabhav Bhansaly

    comments: This is a very interesting portrait of the Squirrel. Its great to see that the photographer has left more space in the direction of the Squirrel’s site. There is a beautiful edge lighting on him. The leaves in the background adds to the frame.

    Camera-NIKON D5200(70-300mm telephoto lens)
    Aperture: f/6.7
    ISO- 640
    Focal length-220m


    Pic by:Mary Bartnikowski

    Comments: This is a very interesting frame full of smiles and laughter. The Woman seem to be having a great time together. This image has been shot in Kathmandu, Nepal. Its a nice candid moment captured well. I like the way the photographer has filled the entire frame with her subject of interest.

    Exif file info: Unavailable.

  • Apr6

    Photographing toddlers can be a tough job however it is quite rewarding towards the end when one creates a beautiful baby pictures. Baby photography can be challenging and comes with many surprises. New borns and babies can be a challenging subject as they are small and delicate but they make a terrific subject of interest in photographs. There are various factors that you need to bear in mind before you shoot a baby. Here are some important Baby photography tips that you can follow to make some life time of memories.

    Research before you start
    It is always important to do some research before your shoot. you can reference positions, styles, and thoughts over the internet or come up with your own creative ideas before shooting a newborn. Make a checklist so that you can refer to the ideas while shooting.


    Photographer: Harika Chanana

    Choose the right time, clothing pose and location:
    The best time to shoot a new born is when the baby is between one to three weeks. You can select different posses like while feeding the baby, sleeping in different postures, yawning, smiling,bathing etc. New born babies look cute and adorable with no clothing or little clothing like a baby onesies or a blanket.


    Photographer: Dhaval Shah

    Prepare the baby and ensure safety
    One of the most important baby photography tips is to prepare the baby and ensure safety. It is important that the baby is happy, calm and comfortable before you start the shoot. Ensure that the baby is fed, clean and relaxed before the shot. Ensure the safety of the new born. Don’t place the baby in positions that can be dangerous.


    Photographer: Dhaval Shah

    Use the right Equipment:
    You can capture beautiful newborn pictures using any camera and lens. However, all you need to understand is the use of lighting, creativity in baby styling, and camera angles for newborn photography. One of the most essential newborn photography tips is to avoid using studio flash. It is advisable to use natural light with lowest power setting. Using a double umbrella can give you the best shots.


    Test your equipment before the shoot:
    Babies will give you very little time to shoot comfortably. Therefore, it is imperative that you test all your equipment before the shoot. Preset all the settings like focus, exposure, frame etc.


    Use Soft Toys and bright colored candies etc:
    It is very important that the photographer has made arrangements for soft toys and bright colored candies to attract the baby during the time of the shoot.
    Capture the expressions:
    Remember that babies are all about expressions.It is very important for the babies parents to be around during the shoot as they help the child to be comfortable and help him give out his best expressions.
    Photographer: Dhaval Shah
    For the shoot:
    Now that the baby is ready and you have all your equipment in place, you can start your newborn photo shoot. Create a soft, comfortable and cozy environment and place the camera close so that you can capture different moods, views, expressions of the baby.


    Creating Concepts:
    You can create some very interesting concepts around the baby that would help give the picture a whole new perspective.

    Photographer: Dhaval Shah

    Remember that practice makes us perfect. These newborn photography tips will help you master the art of baby photography and produce beautiful newborn images. With proper planning, research, creative ideas and a lot of patience you will surely be able to capture some great baby pictures.

    These newborn photography tips can help you capture best quality baby pictures. Photographers can follow these simple and easy newborn photography tips and capture some heartwarming images of babies.