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    Pic Of The Day!

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    Pic By: Réhahn Croquevielle

    Title: Temple Talk

    This beautiful image of symmetrical architecture captured by Réhahn Croquevielle serves a conversation at a temple in Jaipur, the capital of Rajasthan, India.







  • Aug24

    Rajasthan, India



    Pic by: Mckay Savage

    Location: Rajasthan, India

    Rajasthan is certainly an undeniable photography haven, steeped in royal history, it showcases colourful locals rivalled only by their attire, grand palaces, havelis, festivals and a landscape as barren and harsh as it is beautiful. Jaisalmer’s canvas of sand is dotted with camels, the floating Lake Palace of Udaipur, forts in Jodhpur and Jaipur with sentries standing guard in traditional attire and the Pushkar fair all offer rich pickings for your camera. The hazy morning and twilight light lends itself to surreal images, but then this holds true for most of Rajasthan.

  • Aug23

    Photography is a way of feeling, of touching, of loving, what you have caught on film is captured forever….
    It remembers little things, long after you have forgotten everything. 











  • Aug21


    Pic by: Soumyadip Gosh

    Comments: This is a very interesting shot from the fields. The scene is a treat to the eyes. The Edge lighting on the man looks splendid. More space is left in the direction of his motion. The vertical framing really works well for this image. The Tress in the background look heavenly in the highlight area. It was a great idea to process the Image into black and white.

    Exif file Info:
    Camera : Nikon D5200
    ISO 250
    focal length 210mm


    Pic by: Mayank Clicks

    Comments: This is a beautiful shot symbolizing the Independence Day. The Vantage point chosen to capture the frame is phenomenal. Also the Aperture is moderately open at f/5.6, resulting in Shallow depth of field. The frame has been filled beautifully with the main subject of interest.

    Exif file Info:

    Nikon D5100 + 18-55 mm kit lens
    ISO – 3200


    Pic by: Nikhil Sharma

    Comments: This is a beautiful scenic of Pangong Lake covered by the mountains. The colors look splendid to the eyes. The huts are beautifully composed on the golden point. The Image looks well balanced and harmonious. The larger depth of field is always a good idea for a landscape shot, the aperture is set to f/10.

    EXIF file Info:

    Nikon D7000

    focal length :- 105mm
    Exposure:- 1/1000 sec;
    ISO 200


    Pic by: Abhijeet Kumar
    Comments: This is a fun art picture. The nature at its best. I like the way the photographer has arranged flowers and leaves against a textured background to make it look like a face. Quite creative.

    Exif file Info:

    Shutter speed:1/200


    Pic by:Shivalok Prithvi Mishra

    Commnets: This is a very interesting shot symbolizing The Independence day. I quite like the frame. The Indian Flag has been kept out of focus in the background while there is a Glycerine droplet that is the point of focus and it reflects the flag.

    Exif file Info:

    Canon Powetshot SX500 IS
    Flash fired
    FL 4.3mm
    Aperture 3.4
    Exp. 1/59
    ISO 160


    Pic by: Ankoor Dafadar
    Comments: This is a very interesting shot of the skyline mixed with the street lights. The contrast of the shadow and the highlight area makes the black and white powerful.

    Exif file Info:

    Device: Nikon D3200 with 70-300mm lens kit
    Aperture: f/5.6
    Exposure: 1/400s
    Focal Length: 300mm
    ISO: 400






    Article By Harika Chanana

  • Aug16



    Pic By: Sarath Kuchi

    Location: Kune Waterfall in Khandala, Maharashtra

    This beautiful image of Kune Waterfall in Khandala, Maharashtra was captured by Sarath Kuchi. The region, full of dense forests, is located in the Sahyadri range of the Western Ghats.

    Monsoon photography in western ghats is not only about exploring the un-seen faces of mother earth during rains or experiencing the leech bites, but also an opportunity to try out something unique and fresh – an opportunity to come back with some memorable images that makes your creations stand out from rest of the crowd.Explore nature this monsoons and capture beautiful images.