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Shooting pictures on Holi can be very challenging. But trying to capture the essence of the beautiful festival helps you come up with some amazing images. Color is all in the air and you have to make sure to capture Holi in all its vibrancy.

Care you should take:

  • Use plastic bags to prevent the entry of water in your camera lenses and bodies.
  • Tape areas on zoom lenses; this could prevent the entry of water.
  • Try using cling wrap for sandwiches on the camera body.
  • You could use the camera raincoat.
  • Keep a dry cloth with you.

You may not be able to focus to well, or expose to well due to external factors of the festival. However if you come out with some interesting images, you must give yourself a pat on the back.

Congratulation to the top 5 winners of the day !!! you are invited for the free workshop conducted by the dean of Shari Academy, Mr Girish Mistry on the 10th of April,2010. Please check the home page of the shari blog to see all the details.

By: Prasad Balgi

Comments: That’s a very nice portrait Prasad. Since you did not title your image I would like to do it for you; “colorful expressions”. Well the expressions are incredible and she possible has almost every color on her face. I like the mischief in the girls eye. I like the fact that you have gone so close. You have managed to fill your fame very well.
Congratulation Prasad, Hope to see you at the workshop !!!

By: Uttam V Kamath

Comments: Well since you did not title your image too, i will totally do it for you; “ Funny Bunny “. I like the angle that you have chosen. Also the boy has very expressive eyes. The plain white background brings my attention straight at the boy. Its an interesting Portrait Uttam.
Congratulations Uttam, Hope to see you at the workshop !!!

My mum’s my best friend. For now. But when I grow up……koi nii yaar…..she’ll be my best drinking buddy. :-D
By: Ritika Bhuwalka

Comments: Nice Capture Ritika. Also k0ol title. That would be every kids fantasy. ;) I like the composition of the image. Also the emotions of the mother and child have come out quite well & Holi makes simple everyday emotions seem special.
It would have been great if you could do something about the bright background on the top right. It is moving my eye. However beside that great effort.
Congratulation Ritika, Hope to see you at the workshop !!!

Mutual Admiration society 02
By: Sangeeta Das Dutta

Comments: That’s such a cute picture. And Sangeeta, nice title. I love the moment that has been frozen in the spirit of the festival, However you need to take care of your exposure. The white areas have burnt and lost its details. But beside that nice capture.
Congratulation Sangeeta, Hope to see you at the worksop !!!

Blood Ripples…
By: Prikshit Gupta

Comments: Nice image Prikshit. I know you have not taken this image on Holi as I read your comment. However it totally looks as if it’s taken during the festival spirit. So I give it to you for that. I love the ripples and the red color. Its aggressive and powerful. Also it looks pleasing to the eye.
Congratulation Pritikshit, Hope to see you at the workshop !!!

There are many more worthy image on Holi Photography, do have a look at them.

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