Daily Photography- Landscape Photography

Shooting Landscapes can be a lot of fun. You can try the below when shooting Beautiful landscapes.

  • Try to get the horizon lines straight.
  • Try not to place the horizon line in the middle of the frame; avoid dividing image into 2 halves.
  • Try increasing contrast during post processing.
  • Saturate  the colors in post
  • Use a wide-angle lense to get more control over the perspective.
  • Try shooting Panoramas
  • Compose your frame really well.
  • Make your images aesthetically pleasing to the eye.
  • Try converting the landscapes into Black and white sometimes.
  • Make sure to hold your camera straight.
  • Landscapes can be shot in vertical frames too.

Congratulation to the top 5 winners of the day !!! you are invited for the free workshop conducted by the dean of Shari Academy, Mr Girish Mistry on the 10th of April,2010. Please check the home page of the shari blog to see all the details

View from the top
By: Amrita Borah Nair

Comments: Very nice image Amrita. The top angle worked wonders. I love the saturated blue in your landscape. In fact you have a very nice tonal rage of blues (different shades of blues). The image has been composed well. Overall a very good  image.
Congratulation Amrita, Hope to see you at the Workshop !!!

By: Samit Shetty

Comments: That’s an incredible image Samit. Good capture. The raysof light is making your image stand out. The tree is almost a silhouette. The textured ground totally adds to the beauty of the landscapes. The cityscape at the back adds an element of interest. Over all a very interesting image.
Congratulation Samit , Hope to see you at the workshop !!!

By: Fay Vincent

Comments: Fay that’s a mind blowing image The composition is very strong. The negative space of the sky adds a lot to this picture. The colors have come out quite well. I am glad that the sky has all the details it need.
Overall a good show.
Congratulation Fay, Hope to see you at the workshop.

By: Sumantra Sarkar

Comments: That’s a very interesting image Sumantra. I like the angle that you have selected for the shot. The color of the leaves have come out quite well. Also the peek-a-boo with the clouds look interesting. The leaves against the sky make an interesting pattern.
Good shot Sumantra.
Congratulations sumantra, Hope to see you at the workshop !!!

Lupins, Lake Tekapo, New Zealand.
By: Mike Hollman

Comments: That’s an Awesome image Mike. The colors have come out quite well. The light on the mountains add a warm tinge to  the image. At the same time the foreground has rich shades of greens. The sky looks deep and saturated. The image has been composed well. This landscape is like an eye candy.
Congratulation Mike, Hope to see you at the workshop !!!

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