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When shooting editorial photography one should bare in mind:

  • That the picture should always tell a story
  • There should be a point of interest for the viewer to look.
  • Everything in the frame should add to the story.
  • Strong composition is a must
  • You can play with the shallow depth of field.
  • One element in the image should always jump out.

On this note I would congratulate all the winners for today’s theme:

Shri Krishan Das jee.. A man with only mission.. and with that mission he travels across the country.. i took dis pic when he was admist of traffic of Delhi (CP)

By: Harsh Vardhan

Comments: Well Harsh. I am so glad that you took his picture. I have seen him in my vicinity doing the exact same thing. Well if it was not your  title I think everyone would still understand the story behind this picture. That’s what makes this image really strong in the editorial sense. Also the triangular booth that has been formed at the bottom of the frame looks interesting to the eye. I can’t see his face in the picture however I know this man also smiles all day with the board in his hands. The traffic at the background with buses moving totally tells you that he is spreading a word of thought amidst a running traffic.
Very well captured Shri Krishna Das Jee, applauses for taking this image !!!

Expressionless expression.. (tribes of Gujrat)
By: Akshay Kumar Varma

Comments: Well I really like this picture Akshay. It’s a strong social message of poverty in the tribal areas of Gujrat. The picture has also been composed very well. The girl has very expressive eyes. Also the boy sleeping on her lap makes and interesting L composition.  The whole ambience tells me a lot. Also there are no disturbing elements in the frame. I am clearly watching what you want me to see.
Very well captured Akshay!!

By: Fay Vincent

Comments: Fay that’s an incredible image. I am so glad that you chose to have a loose frame. In this way I can see many people around the area. Beside that obviously the girl diving has been frozen pretty well. My eye clearly moves towards her in the first look. The overall picture tells me an interesting story about that place.
Well taken FAY, Keep with the great work !!

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