Daily Photography- Shooting Festival Spirit

Shooting events can be a lot of fun. You have really got to be involved in an event to be able to capture its essence.

Try some simple tips to come up with some great pictures while covering an event.

  • Try and keep your frame loose, this will help you capture more of the ambiance of the event.
  • Make sure you have a normal-wide angle lens
  • Always be in sync with the dress theme.
  • Try and be involved with the people present there.
  • Get some incredible candids.
  • Capture some action.
  • Carry your external flashes.

On this Note let me announce the winners of  today’s contest.
Congratulation winners !!

By: Kavya B

Comments: Very nice Candid Kavya!! You have captured the event of Holi in its true spirit. Also the water frozen looks very interesting. The handprints on the boys and the elder man’s t shirts look interesting. There is lot of energy in this image and totally makes you want to be there.
Nice capture  Kavya !!!

A kid enjoys the beat of “Dhaak” during Durga Puja…
By: Madhurima Sil

Comments; Very well frozen Madhurima !! I have seen a massive improvement in your pictures over some time now. Keep up the good work !!
I love the kid’s expression. The hands all around him tell me a story about some event happening that’s filled with energy. I just wished your frame was slightly looser here. Wished to see a little area in the direction of the boy’s sight.  But other than that I really like the mood in the above picture.

Karaga in Bangalore
By: Cop Shiva

Comments: Hi Cop, that’s a brilliant image. The whole event is very well captured.  I love the fact that it’s a top angle and you have included all the elements-the performer, audience in a well-balanced manner. Your image is very strong. Just try adding the slight contrast on curves in PS to enhance this image even more. Rest everything falls in place. Keep up the good work Cop !!!

Durga Puja – Dashami
By: Mithu Chakraborty

Comments: That’s a very interesting image Mithu !! I like the reaction of the ladies in the foreground. Also it has been composed pretty well. The background tells me about the durga pooja event. However, You have got to take care of your exposure. The sky on the right side has burnt and lost its details. But other than that it’s a nice image Mithu !!

Radha-Krishna @ Foolon ki Holi in Mathura
By: Ankit Chaurasia

Comment- That’s one image I noticed that had a lot of potential. Radhe’s reaction towards Krishna is incredibly cute. My only question to you is-did you take another frame that was slightly looser. If yes I would really like to see it. Please bear in mind. When your shooting an event, a little bit of the ambiance always makes the subject stronger. But other than that I really liked the picture.
Very good attempt Ankit !!!

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  1. Ankit Chaurasia

    Thanks for selecting one of my pictures and I really appreciate your comments. About a looser picture, well I wasn't able to capture a "slightly" loose one but some quite loose ones in which subject was a bit subdued. For sure will be more careful shooting events next time. Thanks again Ankit

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