11 great tips to make Better Pictures

We would like to share a few tips that can come handy while capturing unique pictures. The below images are captured by Harika. M. Chanana.

  • Isolate your subject:

Get your main subject to stand out from the rest of the frame. If you can achieve this quality as a photographer you can lead your viewer into your frame very easily.

Standing out

  • Move closer:

Don’t be afraid to move closer to your subject. Sometimes filling your frame with your subjects can give you great results.


  • Don’t miss The Moment:

There are many interesting things happening around you all the time. Try and capture the moment at just the right time.

Art attack

  • Get the best angle

You have to train yourself to get the best angle every time you shoot. Try experimenting with an angle till the time you feel the difference.


  • Leading lines:

Let there be some form of lines in your image that helps the viewer to lead some where. Leading lines engages the viewer.


  • Punch up the contrast:

Increase your contrast levels ie make dark areas darker and light areas lighter in a way that it looks powerful.


  • Go Diagonal

Try the diagonal rule of composition to create better pictures.


  • Accidents can give great results

Many times when you are trying to achieve something, chances are that you might end up achieving something better. Remember NOT ALL ACCIDENTS ARE BAD.

A Frozen moment in a fast paced life

  • Don’t miss the Catchlight

Catchlight is the light that is reflected of the eyes. It is very important to register that while shooting humans and animals. As the COMMUNICATION STRATS FROM THE EYES.

Twinkling eyes

  • Crop right while shooting

As photographers, are aim should be to crop our pictures right while we are shooting it. Cropping right the first time makes us neat at composing better frames.

Colorful Innocence

  • Let the picture Talk:

Your picture should communicate strong messages easily and clearly.”

Is the baby’s food MILK or SMOKE ?

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  1. Mayank

    awesome tips.... loved every picture... wish we could get a few tips on basic photography which involve the manual adjustment of the various parameters such as ISO , depth of field etc.

  2. harika

    Dear Mayank, Thanks for appreciating the tips on this article. We will definitely work towards your request for the basics. Cheers, harika. Shari Academy & PT team.

  3. Anand Penat

    I think that last was the most important...That at the end of the day every picture must tell a story or deliver a viewpoint that engages the viewer..

  4. Ramjee

    Amazing pics and very useful and crisp tips... Loved that pic in B&W, dancers, the most! Not so easy to catch a moment, kuddos to the photographer!

  5. Jitu(Jyoti Kumar Suravarjula)

    Seriously good pictures guys!! Every picture tells the inlaying message precisely!! TFS!!!

  6. Simmy

    The pics make me speechless. There is so much depth in them. I would love to see some examples and directions on ISO settings and on how to create more depth between the subject and the background.

  7. Geoff

    Really appreciate the great tips. Some I already knew, but others, like the rule of diagonals, I didn't know. So thanks for mentioning.

  8. M S RAHUL

    "Not every accidents are bad" wel said harika. Its a tru statement in photography. Luv to know more about the effects of light in photography, as its the soul of photography.

  9. Bharat

    I am a amuture photographer, learning new and new variation. I love your some concepts really and will try those in my new clicks. Thanks 4 Sharing

  10. Mayank

    clarify if punching up the contrast is recommended in general or only in cases like shown in example. the risk is loss of details.

  11. Brenda

    Thank you for making facebook a much more useful tool than just for social networking. The photos are inspiring. I look forward to your next post!

  12. shari - Post author

    Hi Brenda, Thank you for writing to us. We are glad to know you liked our work. Keep sending us your opinion, suggestions & your work on our fan page. We look forward for your active participation in future. Best Wishes

  13. Mayurdhvajsingh

    Thanks for all tips and practical examples. I wish, apart then Mumbai, your academy should keeps the basic training camps in other major cities, as so many like me, are not residing in Mumbai Second request is, please post the basic setings like ISO, shutter speed, etc with every example. That will help the reader to try it him self as practice. Third request - please give some article for beginners to select right Camera - digital or slr - including basic things.. I have not found such topic on FB. Thanks for everything.. Wish you all the best !!

  14. jagdeesh laxman singh

    Nice and Simple - well explained - good for beginners and good for re - refreshing the fundamentals !!!

  15. Nitin Devarajan

    hi, those 11 great tips are very helpful..... liked d 11th tip..... all d very best Shari Academy..... :)

  16. Mahesh

    Thank you for all the tips and suggestions. I do have few questions regarding few of the pictures. I may be a naive or my questions may sound silly. this is more so with respect with the clarity of the image for eg in the images 1 get the best angle -- the angle looks great but when i look at the image the first thing that strikes me is that the image is not clear.i look at edges of face and i get a feel as if the cam was not stable. 2 dont miss the catchlight.. agreed the eyes are catchy but i felt the forehead was more clear and in better focus 3Punch the catch light -- same that the person is not clear(edges/ skin) 4 go diagonal -- again this doesnt get the feel that its taken with a good lens. The other images are exceptional and awesome. Please ignore my comments if they are silly. I am only trying to understand if there is something wrong with my approach of looking at the images. or is it just that i am not able to get/read the picture correctly?

  17. Rejoyce

    Nice tips.. It would be nice to have categorized sections on different topics.. Any way good work!!

  18. shari - Post author

    Hi Rejoyce, We have different categories for different topics. Kindly take a look at the right hand side of the blog for more categories. Please do revert to us for further assistance. Regards, Shari Academy

  19. Ayan

    Hey, I'm thankful for such post. Waiting for some more outstanding articles in the upcoming future...........

  20. Samkit

    Its an amazing article. Very informative. Loved the pictures too! Waiting for more such articles...keep informing!

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