Do You know: What is Focal length ?

Focal length is the distance calculated in milli meter, from the center of the lens to the focusing points on the sensor plane when the subject at infinity is in focus.

A lens could could have a variable focal length (70-200) or it could be a prime lens (50mm)with single focal length.

All lenses of the same focal length give images of the same size. Image size is in proportion to the focal length, so changing from 50mm to a 100mm lens, for eg, will double the image size.

Common names for lenses from 35mm cameras:

12-20 mm Ultra wide angle lens

21-24 mm Super wide angle lens

28-35 mm Wide angle lens

35-70 mm standard lens

70-105 mm shot tele photo or portrait lens

135-200 mm telephoto or long focus lens

300 mm > super telephoto

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