Group Project- Food Photography

Hey guys, we have a very delicious brunch with us today for our Best Comment of the day contest. The image is captured by Ami Nirmal. Give in your suggestions and opinions about the image on our blog.

Today’s theme of the day as Food Photography. The job of a food photographer is to elicit the same moth-watering reaction as the smell of freshly baked bread or the taste of a perfectly grilled sausages. A great food photograph can convey feelings of warmth, awaken fond memories, conjure up fantasies, or just plain make you hungry. Post all those luscious looking photographs on our fan page Photography tips.

Be careful while posting your images on our fan page as you can upload only 3 images related to the theme.

Cut, grate, garnish, experiment with your subjects and post all those mouth watering images on our fan page.

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