Sreesailam bags the Lonely Planet Photo Contest

Sreesailam Pasupula, A very talented Shari Alumni wins the Grand award for Lonely planet this year.

Sreesailam Pasupula, 33, of Mumbai has been declared as the winner with his mind blowing photograph of glamorous girls parading on a performance stage at Pushkar Mela, world’s largest camel fair in Rajastha.

India Lonely Planet’s co-founder and competition judge, Tony Wheeler, said Sreesailam’s image captured the adventurous free spirit of Lonely Planet:  “Our winner combined two elements of India which many Lonely Planet travellers will have experienced – dramatic Rajasthan wall murals and colorfully dressed Rajasthani women. Sreesailam’s photo brings the two together, one reflecting the other and with the leader in the group striding forcefully forward, like a match to the mirror.”

Award-winning photographer and competition judge Richard I’Anson said that, after much robust discussion, Sreesailam’s photograph won the day by “capturing a fleeting moment that will feel so familiar to travellers in countries around the world, transcending the specific location, in a simple yet graphic composition that perfectly embodies the day to day adventure of the travel experience through seemingly ordinary encounters.”


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  1. ravi

    Congratulations Sreesailam. You really deserve the award for this photograph. Wonderfully captured.

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