Winners for the theme Sunset and Sunrise Photography

Comments by: Harika

Hey guys, Thank you very much for sharing your outstanding photographs with us. The winners for Photography Contest: Theme- Sunrise / Sunset Photography are Praveen Basapa and Rituraj Choudhury

Golden Hour is the perfect time for photographing Sun rises and Sun sets ”


By: Praveen Basapa

Comments: I quite like the simplicity of the frame. The orange-yellow hues of the sky and its reflection in the water look very romantic. A handful of row houses along with a beautiful backyard completes the picture.  The image looks very well balanced,exposed and composed. Absolutely number one for the day!


By: Rituraj Choudhury

Comments: I love the choice of subject used to fill the frame. The image totally makes me want to go to the beach. The colors look incredible. I just have a problem with the exposure. The sun is totally burnt out with no details in the white areas. This problem could have been avoided by changing the camera’s metering mode to spot or underexposing the picture by half a stop. But other than that its a great image.


Photographs that caught our attention

By: Sanchala

Comments: I quite like the unconventional framing, It totally enhances the mood. Creative use of depth of field looks nice.  The frame is however tilted. Please hold your camera straight next time. If possible enable grid lines in the viewfinder, that helps avoid tilt in the horizontal lines.



Comments: I quite like vantage point chosen to capture this frame. The low angle looks quite effective. However you must try and avoid placing the horizon line in the center. That gives equal attention to both the sky and land. Try placing the horizon line in one thirds and let me know if you like the picture better.

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