Winners for the Portrait Photography Contest

Article by: Harika

Portrait simply means depicting “characteristics” of a person. This does not necessarily mean capturing faces all the time. You could bring out the feature of any person in innumerable ways:
  • Capture people along with their environment, typically called as environmental portraits
  • Capture an uptight close up of their best expression
  • Nothing like a candid portrait
  • Capture just a feature you think best highlights the character of the person: this could include hands, feet, wrinkles of the forehead or absolutely anything that turns you on as a photographer at the moment.
  • Commercially, there are various categories of portraits: corporate, kids, bridal, wedding, modeling, family, couples, pregnancy and i am sure there are many more than this.
Shooting portraits makes me very happy. As a photographer i feel that every person is very special in his or her own way and if we can bring the best in everybody, we make great photographs

Let me share some of my top secrets with you:
  • I always make sure to go for candid portrait. It just somehow works out to be the best !!
  • I think a 50 mm, lens works out brilliantly for portraits
  • I avoid flash for the sake of candids
  • A 2.8 lens helps me avoid the clutter in the background as i play extensively with shallow depth of field
  • I look out for interesting faces any where i go
  • I love to carry my camera everywhere i go as the most beautiful faces come in front of you when they are least expected
  • If a person realizes that i am shooting them, they get conscious and i immediately turn my camera away till the time they get engrossed again
  • I point my camera at a subject only if i see an interesting quality of light on it.
  • I look for interesting frame in frames
  • I try to include other people in my frame as supporting elements, but i make sure that they are not getting more attention than my main subject of interest.
  • Sometimes i don’t take faces at all !!
  • I look for unique compositions
  • I like to keep the color scheme simple. I try not to include more than three colors. Did you know colors play a very important role in composition
  • Lastly, i always try to get an angle that has never seen before!! thats like the tadka in my daal ;-)

I hope you will take this pointers along with you and make better portraits.

On this note let me announce the winners for today’s contest !!

Photographer: Ayan Mukherjee

Comment: This picture really engages me as a viewer. I like the innocent expression on the child’s face. Also the frame has been filled very well by the subject. The color scheme is quite neutral, while the pink paint on the nails comes out dominantly. The sharpness and the contrast makes the communication with the image quite compelling !! Also opening the aperture was a great idea. The shallow depth of field definitely adds.
On the whole its one of my favorite portraits from today’s entries.


Photographer: Avinash

Comment: The black and white processing looks incredible. This is an environmental portraiture. The background actually speaks for the subject. The lighting on the child is incredible. Also the expression that comes along on his face are quite innocent. His eyes express the current state of his emotion.



Photographer: Tejas Gawade

Comment: I like the color tone of the picture. Also there is a great mood that sets in. The pleasant expression on the girl’s face expressed her joy in reading. Also the image is very well composed. I like the you have filled your frame. There is nothing that is disturbing. The two hands make an interesting diagonal composition.



Photographer: Ashish Das

Comment: The creative use of zoom in and zoom out on slow shutter speed creates a great visual of the lady. This too is an environmental portrait.



Photographer: Yogesh Pal

Comment: The portrait is quite powerful ! It brings out the spirit of the morning festival mohram quite well.  Also its a great thing that you included the other person in the background. The supporting element also plays an important role here.


Photographer: Krunal Shah

Comment: There is nothing better than shooting a bunch of kids together. The girl obviously is the main subject of interest. The boy in the foreground has been cropped out very well. Also it was a great choice to keep the point of focus on the girl. You could have however cropped the frame a little bit from the top during the time of the shoot.



Photographer: Dapinder Singh

Comment: Accolades for the framing !! I love the moment. Its quite adorable. I am sure we see a moment like this quite often in our lives, but i wonder how many of us  can freeze something so common in an extraordinary way. The photographer controls the vision of his viewers. The out of focus scene at the back speaks about the environment that they are in. Also the child has been beautifully placed in the thirds. on the whole, great picture !

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