“Weekend Photography Tips Contest” – Best tip by Shankha Mukherjee

Tip – Water drops with image inside it!
Step 1: Put your camera on a tripod or something which keeps the camera stable.
Step 2: You can use any lens (Extension Tube along with those can be used), macro lens is a plus as you can then focus on the image inside the drops more efficiently and closely.
Step 3: I have used the needle of a syringe with glycerin drops (better than water as glycerin will stick as it is more viscous). You can also use a branch/twig of a tree to make it appear more natural.
Step 4: An object placed little behind the drop. I have used a flower here. But if you use a doll/face please place it upside down so that the refracted image is straight. You can ask someone to hold the object behind the drop or place it in any raised platform according to your convenience.
Step 5: I have used the pop-up flash in my camera and sunlight as the other source of light in 45 degree angle with the camera i.e. directly sideways to the drops. You can use studio lights/any other light source if it is handy.
Step 6: Aperture depends on the light availability, the details of the above picture is f/18 (as I have used flash),1/160 sec, ISO 200, Focal Length 90mm.
Step 7: Firstly focus to the drop with Automatic Focus and then change the Focus to manual and then you have to position your camera here and there a bit so that you get the full image / desired part of the object inside the drop.
Step 8: Go click happy. Awesome end results and you can keep changing the objects behind the drops. I have tried with Inverted Face of a doll (to give me straightened face as already explained above), Rubik’s Cube as it is colorful and a flower.

Thank you Shankha Mukherjee for the awesome tip! Happy Clicking!

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