Mastercraftsman of the year 2010 – Sanika Jahangirdar

Sanika joined Shari Academy in 2008 to pursue the Mastercraftsman course. In 2010 she graduated with the Mastercraftsman award. She specializes in shooting portraits of people in various moods and emotions. Digital enhancement happens to be one of her strongest talents.

Lets take a tour through her images:

Comments: This image has been shot in a classroom. There is an old man seated in a school uniform recollecting his childhood days. The books flying around him gives us an idea of the figments of his imagination. The entire image has a sepia tone.

Comments: The bottle has been shot on a white background, while the colorful outburst has been created in the post.

Comments: This portrait has been shot with a technique of multiple exposure. The image has a feeling of roughness to it. This is enhanced by the chain, well built body, the textured background at the back and the dark vignette created in the background.


Comments: These images strongly highlight Sanika’s love for shooting portraits and advanced digital enhancement techniques in her photography.

Comments: This is an interesting image which looks like a beautiful landscape. However if you watch closely, the foreground and the mountains at the back are created out of a pair of jeans. There is a creative play of  large depth of field. Using a closed aperture helps create space and depth.

Comments: Sanika’s love for shooting black and white portraits never dies. She has a skillful hand in black and white processing too.

Comments: This product has been shot underwater in a fresh water glass tank to achieve a real feel of being inside water. However the remaining image has been created in the post processing with extremely good digital enhancement skills.

Comments: This image has been taken in a hospital. Its a shot of the dead Siamese twins in a test tube. There is some incredible lighting falling from the top. The picture has a great mood to it. The color tone looks incredible. The picture is on a low key tone.

Hope these pictures got you thinking !

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