Mastercraftsman of the Year 2009 – Tathagata Ganguly

Article by Harika Chanana






Tathagata Ganguly pursued the two year Mastercraftsman course from Shari Academy and was awarded with the best panel award in the LuXoculus, the annual graduation ceremony function.


Comments: This image makes a very compelling composition. The leading lines draw the viewer into the image. Also there is a great deal of contrast as it has been shot during night time. The people at the railway station add a lot of drama to the picture.

Comments: This image has been shot at an extremely fast shutter speed. Splash shots are taken in studio with controlled lighting conditions. External speed light is highly recommended to achieve the same. It takes several attempts to get the perfect picture. The lighting has been done carefully, making sure that the gradient comes through quite well. Also the horizon line has been neatly placed in the bottom thirds.

Comments: This image is a visual treat. This picture has been taken in the studio with controlled lighting conditions. The quality of the light is extremely soft to enhance the mood of the spa set up. The candle at the background certainly adds to the concept. The composition is aesthetically pleasing.

Comments: This image is fantastic and has been shot sometime late in the evening. Tathagata has been extremely creative in his style of shooting by trying the slow shutter speed. This brings in a lot of mood into the picture, where people look like ghosts.

Comments: This is the artistic side of photography, where pictures look like painting. Creative lighting techniques have been incorporated. The color tones of the image are quite pleasing.

Comments: Another art attack by Tathagata!

Comments: This is a fantastic shot and it surely makes my mouth water. A very creative food shot done outdoors. Tathagata has creatively played with shallow depth of field by opening up the aperture. This helps the viewers to focus on the dessert. Also the timing of the pour is incredible. Its just picture perfect!

Comments: That’s a classic black and white. The frame highlights the characteristics of the model.  Very articulately composed.

Comments: This is one of my favorites from Tathagata’s panel. I love the placement of the kettle and the cups; it makes a striking diagonal composition. Adding an edge light was fantastic idea to highlight the outlines of the subject.

Comments: This image has been shot on a Macro lens. The cherries on the cupcake make a very delicious subject to shoot. The placement of the food looks interesting. The highlights created on the cupcakes looks crisp.

Comments: This is a fantastic shot. Tathagata definitely enjoys shooting food and that reflects in his images. I love the creative play of light in the background. The rays of light at the back brings about a great evening feel. The point of focus has been carefully set on the cookies, while the coffee cup and other elements are adding elements which have been kept out of focus. Also the coffee beans at the bottom look interesting.

Comments: This is another classic from Tathagata’s collection. A very nice and warm white balance to bring out the morning breakfast feel. Very creative play of light and shadow. The shallow depth of field certainly adds value. Lets not miss out the cream on the cupcakes. Yumm!

Comments:  Bottles make a very interesting subject to shoot. There are  hues of  blues and yellows on on them. The contrast in the image comes out quite dominantly. On the whole image has an artistic feel to it.

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  1. tathagata ganguly

    Thank you shari academy and harika for the beautiful descriptions of my images.some of the images like the the breakfast and the gulab jamun has just been shot with natural lights and thermocols with no assistants...this was only possible because of shari academy faculties... some of the images like spa,shell and mask has been just done by painting with light(torch,laser lights and candle).

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