Mastercraftsman of the Year, 2011- Riddhi Parekh

Riddhi assisted the famous photographer Nrupen Madhwani for 6 months before she joined Shari Academy in 2009. She graduated in 2011 with the Mastercraftsman of the Year award.  She has a special taste for travel, outdoor, fashion, food and many more genres in photography. She is currently working as a freelance professional photographer and is doing extremely well.

Lets take a tour at her work….

Comments: Riddhi has an inclination towards taking up self assignments. One fine day, she decided to visit the cutting chai stalls all over Bombay. She wanted to document the most common need of the Mumbaikars, the cutting chai. She came up with a series of extraordinary images in the most ordinary place. The colors in the entire series will lift up your spirits for sure.

Go through the cutting chai photo story:

Comments:  Fashion photography is one of the most challenging forms of photography. It requires a lot of knowledge regarding the fashion industry. A photographer has to take great care of every ingredient that it puts together to cook up a mouth watering fashion image. This includes a professional model, a professional make up artist, a professional hair stylist, a stylist- for providing designer garments and handling the apparel and the accessories, professional retouch-er. Also the photographer must have a strong thought process to his image. Riddhi has managed to put together a great fashion portfolio!

Comments: This is a fantastic food shot. Riddhi has creatively played with the shallow depth of field. The styling has been done very well. The color tone yellow against white looks incredible.

Comments: This is another great food shot from Riddhi’s panel. The vertical framing looks apt. The diagonal composition really adds. The color tone of the entire picture has been very muted and soft in shades of greens and white. On the whole great picture!

Hope Riddhi’s pictures blew your mind away !! Well if your wondering whose going to hit the Mastercraftsman award for the year 2012, come to the LuXoculuS exhibition starting from tomorrow 23rd Aug’2012 and find out for yourself!

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