Mastercraftsman of the Year 2012 – Dhaval Shah

It gives me immense pleasure to announce the Mastercraftsman of the Year 2012- Dhaval Shah

Dhaval’s panel specialized in fashion, beauty, table top and kids photography. He is quite passionate about baby and kids photography and shows deep interest to practice it commercially sometime soon.

Lets take a tour at his outstanding body of work:

“FASHION FAIRYTALES” – A very well- thought concept by Dhaval.  This is the first step to make brilliant fashion images. There has to be some meaning to the the pictures that we make as photographers. “I wanted to shoot lingerie without making it look erotic. I wanted to give a dreamy feel to all my pictures from this series.” He also decided to dress up his favorite characters from the fairytales in lingerie. “To add up to my dreamy feel, I incorporated the Bokeh effect in the real time since I did not want to Photoshop anything”, says Dhaval.

Beauty- Dhaval is a great fan of beauty. On the panel he has four very powerful shots from this segment. According to him birds belong to paradise. He gets extremely inspired by the way they present themselves. The grace, the pride, the arrogance is all what he wanted to showcase with the real birds as muses to design the looks.

Comments: This is a very interesting fashion editorial shot on the men’s fashion. The humor element comes through quite well because of the apron worn by the boy. Dhaval shot this image at a men’s salon which was surrounded with mirrors. He preferred a subtle lighting to keep up with the mood of the ambiance.

Comments: Dhaval really enjoys kids photography and would love to take up and specialize in this genre of photography eventually. As you can see, there is a great mood in the picture. The image has great emotions and strikes the viewers heart instantly.

Comments: This shot is from table top series. There is a very interesting play of light and shadow. The fan looks very interesting due to the creative play of slow shutter speed. The blades of the fan are in motion, hence the viewer sees multiple blades. On the whole, the image has a great feel to it!

Comments: This is another conceptual table top set up. The entire image is quite warm and has deep feelings within.

Hope Dhaval’s pictures inspired you truly!

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