Top Gun Award 2009 – Kunal Rathod

Top Gun is a very special award given to the highest scorer after the Mastercrafstman award. Kunal Rathod proudly took the Top Gun in 2009.

Comments: These are some abstract images from Kunal’s collection. Abstract means existing in thought or as an idea but not having a physical or concrete existence. Kunal has a great taste for it. Every one who sees the pictures can have an interpretation of their own.

Comments: This is another classic picture from Kunal’s series. This image looks extremely artistic. The lighting has been done very creatively. The edge light on the model looks very prominent. The black and white processing has been done quite well. The mysterious element in the frame happens to be the apple. Also there are some red stains all over the place. The color Red has got significance as its the only color in the frame.

Comments: This is a very powerful commercial shot. The most dominant factor in the frame are the colors, yellow and blue. Also Kunal has managed to create a very beautiful halo with lighting around the perfume bottle. The reflection of the bottle looks incredible.

Comments: This is a fantastic picture of  a bowl of noodles along with the chopsticks. There is a graphical element that makes this image very powerful. The gradation in the background and on the table looks incredible.

Comments: This is a very interesting shot of a bike. The lighting  has been done articulately. Also the tires have a cast of yellow light on it.  The reflection makes the picture look complete.

Comments:  The concept is fresh and it really makes the viewers wonder of the thought process behind the creation.

Comments: This is a very interesting shot created with the help of panning. The blue sky and the green grass looks vibrant. The car at the background adds to the image. The car is beautifully placed in the bottom one third.

Comments: Kunal has made a collage with  a handful of expressions. A creative style of bringing about the number of emotions we go through everyday.

Comments: This is a commercial shot of the Breezer bottles. I like the color contrast of yellow and red. The most striking element in the image is the hard halo that has been created with the studio lights at the back of the bottles. Also the textured background adds.

Comments: This image has been created with the creative technique of multiple exposure.

Hope Kunal’s pictures inspired you !

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