Top Gun Award 2010 – Samantha Anne Da Cunha

Samantha Anne Da Cunha

So the top scorer for the year 2010 was none other than Samantha (GOA). She enrolled with Shari Academy in 2008 and graduated with an incredible panel and portfolio in the year 2010.  She is a successful commercial photographer today and is doing very well for herself.

Lets take a tour to some her pictures

Comments: I feel this is one of my favorites from Samantha’s panel. This set up has been put up for the Yardley soap. This is a commercial style of shooting. The image has a feeling of calmness and serenity.  The strongest point in the visual is the color harmony. Yellow and white make very pleasant colors to look at. The composition is quite striking. The main subject is beautifully placed in the thirds, while the supporting elements, flowers add aesthetic value to the picture. I also like the way the wrinkles have been created on the towel spread. Simply splendid !

Comments: This image has been taken from a top down angle where the 7 up can is placed in a transparent tank of water with the pebbles at the base. Lighting has been done in a way to highlight the can to its best. Once the frame is set, drops of water trickle one at a time to generate ripples. Its the ripples that makes this image quite compelling !

Comments: This image has a great tonality in it. The entire image has a soft feel to it to bring about the delicateness of the product Dove. The hand towel in the foreground is placed very well. The lines in the background look very powerful. Also the lighting on the main subject is incredible. This type of lighting, where there are repetitive areas of light and shade is called dapple lighting. On the whole its a great picture !


Comments: This image is fantastic. Its abstract mixed with Fine art. Every person who views this image, will have an interpretation of its own. The image on the left has been shot as it is while the one on the right has been inverted in post. When I look at both of them together, I simply love it.

Comments: Now this one is a beauty !  I love the play of fire and water together. Anyone who sees this visual will feel like getting one of this perfume bottle for sure. The fire at the back has been generated during the time of the shoot. It brings with it a lot of power and visual appeal to the picture. Also the reflection of the perfume bottle in the water looks very dramatic. The ripple around the bottle, adds significance  to the brand value. Also the color temperature of the entire image is towards the warmer side because of the fire.

Comments: This is a production shot for the Italian food, Pasta. The styling of the image has been done well. The tonality of the image is warm. The green and red colored vegetables come through quite well. The smoke adds a lot of power and add visual appeal to the picture. It was a great idea to use a dark background. This helps to register smoke a lot better as it is white by itself. The framing has been done articulately.

Comments: This is a beautiful splash shot. Hey, did anyone notice the Johnny Walker inside the glass? Beautiful, isn’t it ?  Photography is all about shaping up your ideas into reality. The glass has a beautiful edge lighting on it.

Comments: This is a very interesting image too. If you look at it carefully, you will see 2 virtual guns in the opposite direction but in reality these are only shadows created out of nuts and bolts. Crazy, isn’t it? The textured background adds to the bruitish feel.  Are you going to try something similar? Paint your imagination through your camera’s viewfinder.

Comments: The image looks incredible. Orange is the only color that jumps out loud.  This image has been shot in different parts and then put together in post. The image has a very classic feel to it.


Comments: This is yet another impressive splash. Washing out the background helps us focus better on the perfume bottle. The bubbles around, bring in energy into the picture. The flower acts as the supporting element of interest.

I hope Samantha’s work inspired you get crazy in life and make brilliant images!



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