Events to watch at ‘The FOCUS Photography Festival’

Visitors please take a look at some of the events to watch out for at the Focus Photography Festival currently on in Mumbai with the details of the event and place, etc.

 A Fantastic Legacy: Early Bombay Photography, From 1840 to 1900

Old photographs of Bombay are reproduced everywhere these days, from postcards to jholas. However, this show, curated by Mumbai Art Room owner, Susan Hapgood, is significant for one main reason: all the works displayed here – and there are over 100 – are original prints. For The Arts, are some of the earliest photographs of our city shot by members of the Photographic Society of Bombay (there’s one of a fantastically barren Colaba Causeway); portraits of Indians shot by the British for ethnographic study; and a walk-in camera obscura that will make you appreciate the handiness of your trusty point-and-shoot.
Where: Galerie Max Mueller, Max Mueller Bhavan, K. Dubash Marg, Kala Ghoda.
When: Thursday, March 14 to Wednesday, March 27. Monday to Saturday, from 10am to 7pm; Sunday, closed.

A Photograph Is Not An Opinion – Contemporary Photography By Women

Post Women’s Day, emerging and mid-career names like Gauri Gill, Karen Knorr, Nandini Muthiah, Chino Otsuka, Anusha Yadav and more than a dozen others from various parts of the world display their creativity from the prism of being female in this moment in our history. According to curator Sunil Gupta, you can expect to see a few major themes emerge – the city and the environment, the family album, loss of some kind, and gender and sexuality.

Where: Terrace Gallery, Jehangir Art Gallery, 161 M. G. Road, Kala Ghoda.
When: Thursday, March 14 to Wednesday, March 27. Daily, from 11am to 7pm.

A Village In Bengal

Photojournalist Chirodeep Chaudhuri spent 12 years photographing the Durga puja festival in his ancestral village in Bengal, one of the only times when his vast family would congregate every year at his family house. The project, which started as an informal exercise on a holiday in 1996, eventually spun into a documentation of the rites and rituals of this village during festival time, resulting in A Village In Bengal, a photo book that was released last year. The exhibition pulls together 22 of those images that capture Chaudhuri’s “affection for the place”.
Where: Project 88, BMP Building, Ground Floor, N. A. Sawant Marg, near Colaba Fire Station, Colaba.

When: Thursday, March 14 to Tuesday, March 26. Tuesday to Saturday, from 11am to 7pm;

 The Inhabited Space

New York-based Sean Rocha shows the “tranquility” of cities in a series of photographs that capture small and isolated moments in big urban lives (a neon-lit sign, or a vacant apartment for instance). A second element of the show, more evocative of the rhythm and bustle of big city life, depicts a time lapse dawn-to-dusk slideshow of streets in cities such as New York, Beirut, Fes, Oslo and Madrid.

Where: Hermès, 15A Horniman Circle, near the Asiatic Society Library, Fort.
When: Thursday, March 14 to Wednesday, March 27. Daily, from 10.30am to 7.30pm.

Lost Highway

Another nighttime-set series of photographs, where French photographer Chantal Stoman takes her pictures from flyovers in cities such as Sao Paulo, Cairo, Hong Kong, Mumbai and Kolkata, offering a fluorescent peek into the lives of those who live by highways.

Where: Studio X, Kitab Mahal, Fourth Floor, 192 D. N. Road, Fort.
When: Tuesday, March 12 to Monday, March 18. Monday to Saturday, from 10am to 6pm; Sunday, closed.

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