Marksta adds full metadata functionality to its watermarking app

US soldiers sit around a fire for warmth at Observation Post Mace, near Gowerdesh in northern Kunar, 27 November 2011. (John D McHugh)

Marksta, a watermarking app designed by photojournalist John D McHugh, has been updated

Marksta, a watermarking app designed by photojournalist John D McHugh, has been updated, thereby allowing photographers to add IPTC metadata to their images. In early January’13, photojournalist released an iPhone and iPad app created to streamline the process of adding a watermark to the images. Currently, the app has been updated to allow the addition of IPTC metadata to these images.

“Marksta has been designed originally for people who are shooting photos with their iPhone. However, there are lot of others who are using the iPhone who don’t know about metadata,” McHugh pinpoints. “They have no idea that IPTC actually exists. A lot of people don’t know that once they make a picture, they immediately own the copyright. The professional photographers, obviously, do and that’s why they have been waiting for a good IPTC app.” The app supports the basic IPTC metadata fields – from copyright owner, to description, keywords, dates, and geo-location. Users can create and save several sets of information to apply to their images.  Exif data can also be shown, with GPS location can also be added and removed using a full-screen map

ip (1)“The basic idea with Marksta has always been to educate people about copyrights,” emphasized McHugh. “The idea is that if you put your name on a picture, you start to feel the ownership to your work. It’s about saying: ‘That’s my photograph.’ A lot of the cases of copyright infringement are not malicious, they are the result of ignorance – the fact that people don’t realise that they cannot just right-click and save.” Furthermore he adds: “Most people will not steal. The music and movie industries have tackled piracy and it has had a big effect, and presently, a lot more people are used to paying for music using iTunes. But no one is really fighting for photography.”

With Marksta’s current new version, McHugh hopes to get people to “feel emotionally connected to their work.  While McHugh believes that the IPTC functionality will be used mostly by professional photographers, he hopes that the general public will start considering adding their information as well.

Version 2.0 of Marksta is currently available on the App Store.


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