RhinoCam mimics Medium Format using a Sony NEX



Medium format digital backs are expensive and that’s not likely to change any time soon. In fact,  Fotodiox has produced a cheaper, and convenient solution. The $500 RhinoCam lets you mount a Sony NEX body on a moving apparatus that sits behind a medium format lens. When you start the capture, the camera moves on a flat plane, taking several pictures which can be later stitched together into one larger image.  It’s compatible with a pretty wide range of medium format lenses from Pentax and Hasselblad, and will also complement with a large-format lens board, which presents an even wider range of possibilities.

The final images check in at roughly 140-megapixels, which is a serious amount of data. As the  camera body moves on a flat plane, rather than turning on an axis like it would be with a motorized pan head, distortion is greatly reduced compared to other panoramas. One will have to do the stitching by themselves, but any recent version of Photoshop will be able to handle that rather quickly. It’s a fantastic idea and is likely to be popular with landscape photographers, looking to crank up their resolution without spending tens of thousands on a full-on medium format rig. Still, Yet at $500, the camera body or the lens is not exactly cheap by any standards.

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