Wedding Photography Tips- 11 Creative Ways of shooting Couple Portraiture






Article by Harika M Chanana

1. Wide angle lens your best friend.

This image was shot on the terrace of a 55 story building, where the cityscape was the biggest turn on for any photographer. Also the backlight condition was perfect for shooting silhouette. This picture was documented to capture the highlight areas outside the glass doors. The shoot was more like a pre-wedding shoot for the couple.

pic 1

2. Use the reflections to the best possible advantage!

Reflections can be a great tool in visual communication. It can really enhance the aesthetics of the photograph to the fullest. Moreover, it can create a magical and enduring mood !

pic 2

3. Important to shoot with aperture 2.8!

Use the power of the lens and open the aperture to a 2.8, and this is particularly done with a view to throw the subject out of focus. In this picture, the greenery around the couple has been deliberately kept out of the focus, so as to enhance the portrait.

pic 3

4. Make the best use of any particular location at the venue to capture a candid moment  

In this case, it was a hall inside a school. We used the garden in the school premises to bring a smile out of the faces of the newlywed couple to our advantage.

pic 4

5. Let the fun roll with an interesting variation….

While shooting with couple it’s pertinent not to get into a cliché kind of situation by trying to capture them from a straight angle at an eye level. To resolve the same, one has to  get more creative and move around the couple to document the best possible angles. This is because while shooting at a close range, one is always unsure about the vantage position, and in order to reconcile that one has to try different variations to capture the most poignant frame.

pic 5

6. Frame it out!

It’s always important to watch out for interesting frames within the frame.

pic 6

7. Try shooting in the Ambient light !

One may have to pump up the IS0 value if the lighting conditions are bad. Intelligently pump up the ISO to avoid any uninvited grains, damaging the quality of the image. However, ambient light adds an enduring mystique and charm to portrait, as against those captured with flash lighting.

pic 7

8. Low key can give you some mind blowing results…

Try to expose the highlights to get some incredible low key images of the couple at their intimate best

pic 8

9. Capture the moment !

In wedding photography, one has to always keep an eye on details and also be ready to capture any situations as it unfolds. And to get the best results, one has to fine tune his or her mental set up with the set up and at the same time remain focused and in sync with the situation so that opportunities are not missed.

pic 9

10. Portraits of the couple can always be made at any time.

Even during the most important ceremonies,( like this one in particular), there is always scope to capture an interesting frame that would stand out.

pic 10

11. Talk to the couple to make them comfortable

It’s pertinent that the photographer establishes a personal rapport with the couple, to make then relaxed and comfortable in front of the camera. By doing so they will also reciprocate and this will enable to make the couple pose by a window frame so as to capture them under ambient lighting conditions.

pic 11

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