Faking Anime Fight Scenes is a Japanese Fun Fad !

Dragon Ball

Humorous new photography fad emerging from Japan

There’s a humorous new photography fad emerging from Japan. Students in the country are shooting photos that look like they’re ‘Kamehameha’ scenes from the popular manga and anime franchise ‘Dragon Ball’. In each shot, one participant poses as a character exploding with energy, while one or more other subjects pretends to be blown away by the force of the blast. As with all of the popular memes that have emerged in recent years, participants are jumping onboard by shooting their own photos and then sharing them on the web.

The photo shown below was shot by Tokyo student named Ryo Ichikawa. The technique behind the photographs is simple enough: just time the shot so that you capture the “flying” subjects jumping up and consorting their body into an ‘L’ or sideways ‘V’ shape (try touching your toes in midair). In the resulting photo you’ll look like you’re flying backwards (it helps if you can get some motion blur in the shot).

Dragon BallZ Battle of Gods

This new meme is likely due to the fact that a new Dragon Ball movie titled Dragon Ball Z: Battle of God’s, is set to hit theaters at the end of the month. There doesn’t seem to be a consensus yet on what this new fad is called, but “kamehamehaing” seems like a likely candidate.

Photo credit:Photo: Natsuno, (via Kotaku via Laughing Squid)

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