Little Girl and Tomcat


Andy Prokh has been shooting photographs of his daughter and his tomcat

Andy Prokh of Saint Petersburg, Russia spends his days working as an economist, but it’s his passion for photography that has garnered him international attention on the Internet as of late. Prokh has been shooting photographs of his four year old daughter Catherine spending time with his six-year-old British shorthaired tomcat Lilu. The photographs capture the friendship the two family members have after having spent most of their lives together under one roof. The photographs all have a similar grungy aesthetic, and although some of them clearly have a touch of Photoshop trickery, most of them rely on chance and capturing the right moment in which Lilu decides to “play along”. This series of photographs is untitled and uncategorized, but it is becoming known on the web as “Little Girl and Tomcat.”



(via MetaFilter), Photographs by Andy Prokh

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