NBA Player Picks Up Photog’s DSLR & Clicks!

amirjohnsoncameraAmir Johnson picks up Photographer’s DSLR and clicks photographs of his teammates

One would recount precisely how Usain Bolt grabbed a photographer’s DSLR last year during the London Olympics and started snapping photos of his fellow athletes? A striking similarity happened recently  at the NBA basketball game between the Chicago Bulls and Toronto Raptors. At one point in the game, as play was under way, Bulls power forward Carlos Boozer accidentally kicked a photographer’s DSLR. It was at the same time Raptors player Terrence Ross drove to the basket and got fouled in the process of making a shot. Seeing the professional camera lying on the ground, Raptors power forward Amir Johnson decided he would use it to celebrate his teammate’s basket. He picked it up and snapped a few photographs of his teammates before handing it off to a man on the side of the court.


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