Photographer Prints Friend’s Body Onto Blocks for Quirky Photo Project?


Quirky photo project by photographer Fabien Nissels titled ‘Blocks’

Please check out this quirky photo project by photographer Fabien Nissels titled ‘Blocks’. Nissels first photographed his friend Johan in a studio from four different directions for each part of his body (i.e. head, arms, torso, waist, legs). He then printed out the photographs and fixed them onto styrofoam blocks, placed the blocks in various locations and in different arrangements, and re-photographed Johan as a block dude. In fact, no Photoshop trickery was used for any of the photographs. By shooting different expressions from three sides of Johan’s face (the front and the sides), He was able to give his “block dude” different expressions based on which side of the block is facing the camera. You can find more of Nissels’ work on his personal website.



Blocks by Fabien Nissels (via Laughing Squid)

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