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Finding the Perfect Angle in Photographing Landmarks?

World renowned tourist destinations are always going to be written about and discussed widely on the net; therefore, the images of these places are always going to be in popular demand too. The point  is, everyone else knows this and is out there shooting away to glory. But a particular place might take on different characteristics during the course of a day. An image taken during one of these times will look and feel completely different to an image taken at the other end of the day. It is worth doing some research of the place you are visiting to find out what the most suitable time is to go about shooting it. Maybe Summer? Autumn? During daylight or moonlight? There is precisely why  professional photographers spend days, or weeks, together  at a particular location. Precisely that is the reason why they try  to capture its many splendors, moods and personalities. But for the average traveler with the intentions of capturing memories of their big trip, it’s all about capturing their experience. Irrespective of what level your photography is at, with a little effort spent in research and planning, and a thoughtful approach to creating images, it is possible for anyone to take that one shot that stands out from the rest. And the answer is to simply  think outside the box!

Photo Caption: “Musée du Louvre-Paris” captured by Jaideep Singh Rai, (via; picturecorrect photography tips) 

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