Shari Shooter of the Month: Vikrant Oulkar

-Article by Dhaval Shah

Vikrant Oulkar, an alumni of Shari academy, but chooses to be known as a student for life, as he believes learning never stops. Growing up in a closed-knitted family where photography was not only a passion but profession too (His family runs a chain of portrait photography studios offering a plethora of ancillary services in Sangli, Belgaum, Kolhapur, Ratnagiri and Goa), picking up camera came naturally to him after strengthening his knowledge base by pursuing engineering at Bhartiya Vidyapeeth (Pune).

What sets him apart amongst his kin is his approach to any subject he chooses to shoot by wanting to add more to it. He believes photography is an art and leaves no avenues unexploited to give vision to his ideas. Let us see the work of the artist who bagged the highest number of awards* at Shari academy’s Annual Exhibition LuXoculus 2012.

1. This image beautifully captures the concepts of freedom and fearlessness and associated with childhood which become more alien to us as we age. The kids running towards the light with positive recklessness with their back to the world of darkness says a lot about the man behind the lens.
1 (1)
2. A rainy morning frozen in time, yet keeping the mood and motion undisturbed. The gloom, the direction of the raindrops and the lady sauntering under the security of the faithful umbrella deliver a well composed image !
3. Using the principles of photography and lighting commercially is common, but creatively using the shadows of back-lit individuals against the screen of torrential rains to provide a striking metaphor of a city paralyzed by rains is another !
4. To decipher the Salt and pepper containers shot with a notion of yin and yang needs an eye for detail and the mind for philosophy !
4. On the path of training to be a technically sound commercial photographer, Vikrant did not betray the voice of the artist within him. Subtly communicating how the world looks different through his loyal Ray-Bans.
5. Coming from a background of portrait photographers, what makes this portrait different is the way Vikrant envisaged it. The Zen-like meditative expression of this lowkey image conveys more than meets the eye !
6. A voyeur of shapes, textures, play of light and colors or the absence of one or all of them and how all metaphorically combine into fine artistic images. 
7. Blurring the lines between selling a product and selling art, vikrant chooses to look at the products of vanity as pieces of art to convey timelessness and value. Using vibrant colors and celestial glow to add mood but conveniently engaging the eyes of the target audience.
Too humble for the laurels he has earned, Vikrant keeps his mind uncorrupted for there’s more to learn and achieve. We can all learn a thing or two from this ‘student’.
* Vikrant won the following awards at Luxoculus 2012:
-Dean’s Award.
-TopGun award.
-Best Digitally Enhanced Image.
-Best People/Portrait Photography.
-Best Still-life Photography.


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