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Article by Aroon Kalandy

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Dozen Tips & Tricks on How to Document Water Droplet Macros!

Kerala based photographer, Aroon Kalandy has been into photography for over seven years. He specializes in shooting Macros. In fact, he is an accountant by profession and a photographer by heart. The self taught photographer in an exclusive has shared his wisdom by offering twelve tips and ideas to adhere to in shooting water droplet macros…

gerberea w1) A macro lens is most useful for taking such images. (I use Tamron 90mm Macro Coupled with Kenko ET). However, says that water drops can be captured with P&S cameras too.

2) You can place the water Drops using a Syringe. If a little bit of sugar is added to the water it attaches itself more firmly to the surface. Glycerin is also very useful in the sense that it has more attaching power than water. The only thing is that you can’t spray glycerin on spider webs because it is heavier than water.

SONY DSC3) A flower can be placed some 3 to 5 inches behind the drops. Focus on the drops placed on the surface or an object. Important to make sure that you can see the flower or any other object placed as background fully in the droplet for there is more visual Impact by doing so.

4) Use Aperture Priority in your DSLR.

SONY DSC5) Any Aperture from f 9 to 16 is useful for getting even sharpness ( So I like to take these kind of images in sunlight or in bright conditions).

6) If undertaken in sunlit conditions you might get a flare on the drops which adds to the beauty.

SONY DSC7) If you use F2.8 to F4, you may get some sort of dreamy Images where the focus will be on a small area and you also get a good bokeh effect!

8) Use tripod if necessary, especially if you are taking images at F2.8 or so.

Copy of Flower Drops9) Don’t get too close to the droplet or the lower part will be darkened.

10) Take these images on windless days since either the flower in the background or the drop falls off…

drops on a CowWeb......11) Using cheaper materials like Thermocol etc come in useful for pinning flowers or reflecting light.

12) If you are planning on taking more than one drops  make sure you use F 9 to F16 to get overall sharpness. (better start  by taking one Drop, Gradually increase the number of drops)


I do hope this helps….You can of course use different colored Flowers and other colorful Objects in the Background fro more Visual Impact….



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