Shari Shooter of the Month- Zenith Gurug

Article by Dhaval Shah

The Imponderables of Documentary Photography

The Nepal born Zenith Gurung, is a talented young photographer who graduated from the Shari Academy, Mumbai, equipped with a bank of knowledge and wisdom. Hailing from an army background, his father being a retired Subhedar Major of the Gorkha Rifle division, Zenith has this unflinching sense of discipline and ambition embedded in his genes. Having being born in the Himalayan kingdom, yet he has travelled extensively across India during his formative years, growing up in the midst of diverse cultures and traditions. He completed his schooling from different schools beginning with the Kendriya Vidyalaya Gorakhpur, in Uttar Pradesh, Jalpaiguri, in West Bengal and finally graduating in Humanities from Kota University, in Rajasthan.

His photographic passion is more towards Documentary Photography and is well equipped with a few tips and tricks in Commercial Photography too. In addition, being a man from the hills his love for culinary stuff is only too natural. He seriously pursues his taste buds and uses his photographic expertise to put together his aesthetics and vision to create gastronomically delightful palettes.

It would be interesting to take a sneak peek into Zenith’s creative interpretations

1. A well composed image of fresh vegetables, subtly showcasing the importance of balancing colour, shape and form to enhance the image’s attractiveness.

1 (5)2. A good food photograph is the one that makes your taste buds titillate, and his creative touch is evident in this delectable desert dish. The brilliant styling around the composition is beautifully evident in his composition with the flower and the napkin complementing the desert without any distortion.

2 (5)3. Cocktails and mocktails are associated with evenings and lounging. Zenith has achieved the right kind of mood with his artistic shot, and the cherry on the top in a sense subtly deflecting the monotony of the blue in this case!

3 (5)4. His constant endeavour to know more about the’Hows’and ‘What ifs’ led him to experiment with the various formations of matter and their ever changing characteristics. These are a series of shots, highlighting the different characteristics

4 (6)5. Who says shooting still life is boring. The art of making a mundane product shot look interesting by ushering in some mysterious hues and smoke really livens up and creates a different feel for the occasion that it has to be worn at – a nightclub perhaps!

5 (4)6. The entire idea of this vintage beauty-shot was to bring to light its exquisite shape and the flowing curves without letting the colour and other miscellaneous things distract the viewer attention, which he has successfully achieved through this frame.

6 (3)7. This beautiful night shot captured with a long exposure, where the streetlights act as jewels decorating the lone standing concrete structure with the waves acting as witness to the test of time and space.

7 (5)The three images below are from Zenith’s personal documentary series captured at the popular flee market, i.e.Chor Bazar, showcasing the environment of the place, the concept of peaceful co-existence among the species, and the dependence and control on a higher power with the never ending struggle to outgrow ourselves.

8 (1)


10It goes without saying that photography over a period of time builds ones character and it truly reflects in the imagesthat you shoot and make for others to see. In the short time, Zenith has displayed all this and more in his style of photography and is continuously pushing the boundaries of creative freedom in his own small way.

Notable Recognitions and Awards:

* Zenith has bagged awards and for the ‘Best Black and White Image’ for the image no.7 in this series and also for the ‘Best Splash Photography for image No.4.


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