Project Glass By Google

Article by Niranjan Ambhore


Did you know about the Project Glass by Google?

Google has developed a wearable computer with a Head-Mounted Display (HMD) in Project Glass research and development project. It is designed intelligently to interact with the internet through natural voice command.
Google Glass is like a smartphone which works with hands-free format. It currently doesn’t have a lens on the frames but Google is considering partnership with sunglass retailers like Ray-Ban/Warby Parker, and also may open retail stores for consumers to try the device.
Google Glass also is capable of recording 720p HD videos and take photos with a 5MP camera.
Currently The Explorer Edition cannot be used by people who have prescription glasses but eventually the Glasses will have frames and lenses for prescription users too.

Technical Specification:

Developer: Google
Manufacturer: Foxconn USA
Release Date: February 2013
Price: $1,500 USD
Operating System: Android
Power: Rechargeable Batteries
Display: Prism Projector, 640×360 pixels (equivalent to a 25 inches screen from 8ft away)

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