Shari Shooter of the Month: Shivmurat Soni

Article by Dhaval Shah

0Shivmurat Soni, is currently pursuing, the Mastercraftsman Diploma in Professional Photography and Digital Imaging, at Shari Academy. He hails from Amethi,Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh. Being creatively inclined, he chose to graduate in the field of Visual Arts from the Lucknow University, which is where he found an affinity towards photography. His love for Travelling, and being passionate about Fine art were the proverbial fuel to the fire.Photography, for Shiv is a medium, to find himself, to express himself, his notions and beliefs creatively. All his images are somewhere a part of him or his psyche as he always endeavours to leave a part of him in the images. Let us see Shiv’s work and learn how to see our own selves outside of us!

1 (13)The first image is a long exposure shot of a beautiful waterfront. The image looks vibrant with the vivid hues of the sky beautifully reflected in the water. The texture of the clouds hints at the wild winds as opposed to the serenely calm fog-like appearance of waterbody below; More or less like the tumultous ongoings within our minds !

2 (9)The second image, caught amidst the very popular holi celebrations in Mathura. Hordes of people, coming together, indulging in the colourful festivities and singing praise for Lord Krishna. An image where one wonders whether the colours stand as a metaphor for people
or vice versa

3 (7)A beautiful capture of the reflections of a fisherman with his boat making a subtle appearance on the top. Apart from being an absolutely well composed documentary shit, Shiv has managed to add an essence of longing, of waiting for the return of a loved one by including the reflection of the second person behind the fisherman, probably his son!

4 (8)Here is another shot capturing the reflections of a man sitting by a riverfront, lost in contemplation, a faithful canine by his side. The shot brings to mind the proverbial ripples of a disturbed mind that prevents us from seeing ourselves clearly from within !

5 (7)Shiv’s fascination with reflections is quite evident as we move on to the third image depicting the sorry state of mother nature and her silent plea to one and all to protect her. He has very nicely shown the leaf depicting the plight of mother nature, and in the reflections, captured hands reaching out for help!

6 (7)A fine art – Black and white image showing the need to breakfree from the prison of our own demons. The use of silhouette through the translucent windows and the pair of tongs that signify being caught up, works well for the imag

7 (13)A simple fashion shot with a message, signifying the need for peace, using the white dove and the beautiful damsel.

8 (6)Shiv has played well with the trios – The mythical third eye, the eye of the subconscious or the eye of the higher self and The innocent child on the tricycle.

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