LuXoculus'13 001Atul Kasbekar lighting the Lamp flanked by Girish Mistry, Dean Shari Academy

Shari Academy Students Graduation Portfolio Exhibition & Awards Night

LuXoculus’13 which is the Photo exhibition comprising the creative work of Shari Academy’s Students Graduation Portfolio Exhibition was inaugurated recently on 22 August 2013, at the Art Gallery, P L Deshpande (Ravindra Natya Mandir) in Mumbai. The exhibition was inaugurated by renowned celebrity photographer, Atul Kasbekar, with the traditional lighting of the lamp. While addressing the students and others present on the occasion, Atul lauded the efforts of the students in showcasing such a wide range of creative interpretations that truly raised the bar in creativity.  The other delegates present on occasion, included the likes of Chandrakant Shah, Hon. Secretary, All India Photography Trade and Industry Association, (AIPITA) along with Nikhil Bajaria (Hon.Treasurer). That apart there were many other leading professional photographers, art enthusiasts and critics, alongside amateurs and students who came in large numbers to the event.

LuXoculus'13 004Atul address the audience at the expo venue

The second half included the judging of the students portfolio by a three member jury comprising Ian Pereira,  Nrupen Madhvani and Israr Qureshi. The professionals meticulously reviewed each image on its merits looking at both the creative and also the technical finesse that went into the creativity. After a detailed discussion and deliberation, the winners were adjudged by the professionals.

The process for adjudging the winners in the junior category of the awards followed thereafter, with pro photographers, Appurva Shah and Ms.Riddhi Parekh, taking charge. The two Shari alumni made a detailed assessment of the creativity and picked the winners accordingly.

LuXoculus'13jpg009Atul, with Girish, Canon representative, Chandrakant Shah, Hon.Secretary  AIPTIA, Vihang Vasa, Broncolor representative, & Epson representative.

LuXoculus'13 003 (1)Atul Kasbekar and Ian Pereira viewing the students work

LuXoculus'13jpg006Ian Pereira, israr Qureshi and Nrupen Madhvani judging the entries. 

LuXoculus'13jpg008Appurva Shah & Ms.Riddhi Parekh viewing the entries as jury members

The notable winners who walked away with the top honors were as follows:

1) Sameer Singh, Mumbai – (Mastercraftsman Award Winner)

2) Shiv Murat Soni, UP. (Dean Award, Top scorer Award, Shari Ratna Award.)

The award winning students will be presented with the following awards at a convocation/awards presentation night that  will be held on Saturday, the 31st August 2013, from 7.00 pm onwards, at the Club House,  Garware Pavillion, Wankhede Stadium, in South Mumbai.  While the winners take it all, but mind you there are some incredible prizes that are part of the winning package and the same will be presented on the convocation night to the students.

Mastercraftsman Award:

1) Canon EOS 700,

2) Epson L-800 A4 6 color photo Printer,

3) Manfrotto Monopod 679B,,

4) Rs.5,000/- AIPTIA AWARD,

5) Broncolor Softbox,

6) Light architecture 2 by urs recher,

7) Photography by Brucewarren.

Topgun Award

1)  EPSON Picturemate 4 x 6 printer,

2)  Rs.5,000/- AIPTIA AWARD,

3)  Manfrotto urica vii Massenger bag SM-390-7SW,

4)  Light architecture 2 by urs recher,

5)  Photography by Brucewarren.

Deans Award 

1)  EPSON L-800 A4 6 color photo printer,

2)  Kata 3N1 – 20 sling back pack from manfrotto

3)  Rs.5,000/- AIPTIA AWARD.

4) Camera bag, Rs.10,000/- Shari AWARD,

5) Light architecture 2 by urs recher,

6)Photography by Brucewarren.

Fashion Award (Diploma in Fashion and Portrait Photography)

1)  Camera bag,

2)  Rs.5,000/- AIPTIA AWARD,

3)  Light architecture 2 by urs recher,.

Junior Craftsman Award

1)  EPSOn Picturemate 4 x 6 Printer,

2)  Rs.5,000/-AIPTIA, Camera bag,

3)  Light architecture 2 by urs recher.

Epson Special Award 

“See Beyond the Usual”  Epson R-2000 A3 Printer

Shari Ratna Award 

Rs. 10,000/-

(for Students who win major

national/international awards).

In addition, all the award winners will receive the Kingston Kit Bag as a token of appreciation.

Award winners portfolio:

Sameer Singh- Mastercraftsman of the eyar 2013Sameer Singh Mastercraftsman of the year 2013 collage of his work

Shiv Murat Soni- Dean Award - Top scorer - Shari Ratna Award.Shiv Murat Soni Dean Award 

adwait kulkarni- Best Automobile AwardAdwait Kulkarni- Best Automobile Award

Amit Bane- Best people Portrait awardAmit Bane- Best people Portrait award

Angelina Shah - Judges Award- Ian PereiraAngelina Shah – Judges Award- Ian Pereira

Auberon Sequeira - Judges Award- Nrupen MadhvaniAuberon Sequeira – Judges Award- Nrupen Madhvani

Christopher Rodrigues - Best Food Photography AwardsChristopher Rodrigues – Best Food Photography Awards

Divyesh Khatri - best Non Digitally Edited Image - Epson' see beyond usual' - AwardDivyesh Khatri – Best Non Digitally Edited Image – Epson’ see beyond usual’

sachin Chandane - best Fashion Photography AwardSachin Chandane – Best Fashion Photography Award

Sanjay singh Tomar - best Fine Art Photography AwardSanjay singh Tomar – Best Fine Art Photography Award

Sanjay Singh Tomar- Judges Award - Israr QureshiSanjay Singh Tomar- Judges Award – Israr Qureshi

Shashank Shinde - Best Architecture - Interior PhotographyShashank Shinde – Best Architecture – Interior Photography

Shashank Shinde - Best Black-white Photography AwardShashank Shinde – Best Black-white Photography Award

Shibin  Venugopal - Best Photojournalistic Photography AwardShibin Venugopal – Best Photojournalistic Photography Award

Shibin  Venugopal - Best Pictorail Photography.Shibin Venugopal – Best Pictorial Photography

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