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Article by Harika M Chanana


Christopher Ridrigue, 24, an ex Shari student befriended photography three years ago in 2010 and since then it has been a wonderful journey for him. In the beginning he often took a handful of photographs with his camera, his best friend. Eventually he realized that learning photography formally from a renowned photography school would be a great idea. So he decided to enroll in Shari Acaemy for the master craftsman diploma (2 years full time) course. He told us that Shari taught him to Make photographs and not take photographs. Christopher has carefully gone through all the genres of photography but his heart lies in taking portraitures of people. He gets easily attracted to the most natural form of emotions that a human beings possess. He also enjoys capturing images that depicts various characters of people from his day to day life. He expresses his deepest joy in shooting people.

Christopher strongly believes that photography is a beautiful blend of Arts, Science & commerce. He enjoys every moment of being a photographer as he finds blissful joy in his work. He Says that there are some special people who have inspired him: Richard Avidon, Patrick Demarche, Jatin Kampani and his all time favorite Yousuf Karsh.

Lets take a quick tour at Christopher’s work:

Photo (1)This picture was taken at crawford market, CST. This is a hand of a hard working person. He then mixed a pictorial effect in post to get this image.

Photo (2)He was working on a self assigned project – staircases. He took this photo in Kalvadevi Street. Getting a low key effect of the moment was a challenge for him.

Photo (3)This photograph is on the same assignment of staircases, in a building Near Masjid Station. He was eagerly waiting for someone to come in his frame, and he got it.

Photo (4)This Photograph is taken in sundarban, he went for photo walk and witnessed a lonely cycle against the textured background which made quite a subject of Interest for him that time.

Photo (5)It was one afternoon In BanGanga, a Landmark of Mumbai. The Tank in BANGANGA was dry during summer, Lovely effect of lighting and a walker was very nice subject to make a photograph.

Photo (6)It was also in Sundarban( West Bengal), A frame within a frame is nice technique to make a photograph. a lady carrying a bucket of water was the brake of the frame.

Photo (7)Flower market of Howrah( Near Calcutta), a landmark of Calcutta. It got burnt few days before he took this picture. A man who sells flower became lonely in the crowd.

Photo (8)This was also in Sundarban, but on a sunny afternoon. A lady carrying a vessel to get fresh water, still has a beautiful smile on her face.

Photo (14)Its on a street of Mumbai, How progress is moving and leaving bondage of the society.

Photo (15)Its a portrait of a child in Sundarban. Beautiful is his Childhood where Peek a boo is simply the best game ever.

Photo (16)A Window and a door is carrying History of Times. It May have a lot of hidden tales, it could symbolize the wait of a beloved, the glory of the morning light or simply a wall & a door that attracted him to take back forever.

Photo (9)This image has been shot at Crawford market, A famous fruit,Vegetable & meat market in Mumbai. He wonders what a basket carrier sees when he carries fruits and walks behind the one who hired him.

Photo (10)Photo 10- Barbers are always been an interesting subject for him to make photographs, he took this photo on a street Salon where two barbers were shaving both sides of a tree.

Photo (11)Its a photo of a figure, not a part of figure study but is a man posing like a woman. In this image, he is showing his feelings about the man who think of himself like woman.

Photo (12)Hand pulled Rickshaw is the heritage of Calcutta, his home town. He used to see a lot of Rickshaws and many times also went to school in them, but its eventually getting lesser on the street. In this photo he is trying to pot ray how the heritage of the city is progressin

Photo (13)The title of this Photograph is “Inhuman”. The cold blooded crimes like Rape, murder & robbery are absolutely inhuman. He showed the mug shot of a convicted who really felt nothing doing any of this.

Christopher’s message to the readers: ” Techniques or Technology is important, but don’t run behind it, its the Man behind the Camera who makes the Picture.” And Never compare your work with others, you just do your Job and you’ll be appreciated.

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