Quick tips on how to hold the camera right way

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Article by Harika M Chanana

Quick insightful tips on how to hold the camera the right way (shooting positions)

Tip 1: Hold your camera with a very firm yet relaxed grip. Place the right hand to hold the grip while use the left hand to cradle the lens from the bottom as shown in the diagram alongside. This works very well for all the focal length of the lenses. Always remember to wear the camera straps around your neck or wrist for safety.


Tip 2: Keep some spacing between your feet. This will help you to stand steadily that intern will give you a firm grip.

_W9C3884Tip 3: Feel free to take support from a wall, lean against a tree to get additional support for a firm grip of your camera. You can also envelope a pole or rest your elbows on a table to take support.

3Tip 4: When you hold your camera vertically, It is a good idea to hold the grip on top rather than the bottom. It is more comfortable and stable that way.

4Tip 5: You can sit on the floor with your legs folded as shown in the diagram alongside for a very stable grip. You can also place both your elbows on your legs to take support for a steady hand.

5Tip 6: You can gently place one of your knees on the ground and bend the other leg in the visual shown alongside. As you can see, the man is resting the elbow on his leg and is taking support to hold a heavy camera. This is a very common and comfortable position to shoot in. You can aim for mid level shots at this height.

6Tip 7: If you want to shoot something at a very low height you can try this position out. You simply have to lie down on your stomach and place both your elbows on the ground for support. There are times when you can place your camera on the ground itself but make sure to place a cloth below first when you do the same. These is a a good position to shoot toddlers, pets etc. The perspective and the vantage point is absolutely worth the shooting position.

7Tip 8: If you have to shoot with two cameras, try this product from a reputed brand, BLACK RAPID. It is absolutely worth the investment.


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