High Light- A Lightpainting Photography Contest

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The Diwali week is starting and we are celebrating it here at Photography Tips!

It’s nice to organize surprises for our fans and even greater to see you guys responding to those surprises in an overwhelming way. Here, we would like to announce ‘High Lights‘ A light painting photography contest organized by Shari Academy especially for the fans and followers of Photography Tips on the auspicious occasion of Diwali.

The theme selected for the contest is ‘High Lights’. The concept of the contest is Light painting. As in its many forms Light painting has been a growing trend. So we choose this day to celebrate the most important tool in photography – Lights.

  • Why should you participate?

Shari Academy would like to help you show case your talent in a grand way. What are you guys waiting for?

Get. Set. Shoot. Submit. Exhibit.

  • How can you participate?

1. Theme: ‘‘High Lights‘ A light painting photography contest.

2. Send your image to wasnt57less@photos.flickr.com & include your Name, Email Address & Contact no. in the email.

3. Send them on Twitter @ShariAcademy. Submit your entry by tweeting a link to the image and with the hashtag – #diwalihighlight

  • Rules to be followed for the Contest:

1. Participants can only send 1 image. If more than 1 image is sent, the first image will be chosen, rest discarded.

2. The theme is ‘High Lights‘ A light painting photography contest’. Photographs posted on any other theme won’t be accepted.

3. The dates of participation will start from 1st November till the 10th of November. Images posted after the mentioned dates won’t be considered.

4. You can send us your copyrighted images. However, your photograph should not be disturbed by any means.

  • The photographs need to capture light in the most interesting for using Lightpainting Photography. The Faculty at Shari Academy will judge the photographs on the basis of their quality of composition and the novelty of the idea.

1 winner will be selected will stand a chance to win an exciting gift voucher from Shari Academy

Participate now! Happy Clicking!

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