Shari Shooter of The Month -Ninad Savrikar

Article by Dhaval Shah

The passion that most Photographers share is the one to travel, to see the world, to experience the unseen, know more, know different. They share the will to see different things, or the very same things differently. Our Shari Shooter of the month too is a part of this group of uncommoners.

Let us introduce Ninad Savrikar to our readers. Inside, what comes across as a person having a humble and quiet nature, dwells a mind in constant search for something better.Having grown up in a cluster of different cities and towns across India, Ninad’s knack of observing, absorbing, and reproducing his experiences in an artistic manner is not surprising.



After Completing his graduation in Computer Science, Ninad was yet to find his calling in any particular field, which is when he found his attention being stirred towards photography. After doing a small course in Photography from Ferguson College in Pune, hecompleted his Mastercrafts Diploma at Shari Academy having bagged the ‘Best Automobile Photography’ Award. His love for nature, especially the details, is very evident from his macro photography

shots. From a very young age he found flowers and spiders highly enchanting and so he never tires from capturing them on his device. The image of the flower we see here is shot in a very unconventional way, giving the viewer a feel on three-dimensional pattern.


The shot of the spider too, is very patiently taken, without disturbing the spider’s environment.


At the professional front, he has infused his love for articles of luxury such as cars, architecture, interiors and spaces into his work.



The vintage car so aesthetically shot, where the specular highlights help define the shape of the car to the viewer.



The shot of the tail-light of a yellow VW Beetle was exhibited at the prestigious exhibition of the Photographer’s Guild of India – Exhibit – A in 2011.

This image is Ninad’s rendition of a painting by the famed painter – Raja Ravi Verma.

This image, shot at the Jaiselmer fort, Rajasthan, was displayed at Artists Wanted (See.Me) New York City in June 2013


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