Photography Jargon 26 – 5

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Article by Dhaval Shah

This is the final part of the first segment of photography jargons, we will again continue from the beginning of the alphabets in the coming series of articles.

Underexposure – When the sensor in the camera, receives less than the optimum exposure of the subject we are trying to shoot, it is termed as underexposure. In Digital Photography, an underexposed image is darker in nature and may lack details in the shadows. However, for creative purposes or to visually portray a scene ‘as is’ one may need to underexpose an image.

For eg. When shooting late evenings, if we shoot at optimum exposure, the image will be brighter than what the real scene is, hence it needs to be under exposed. These two images are shot at, around 7:30 in the evening, within a minute. In order to attain a good exposure, we had to keep the shutter open for 10 seconds, but that is not what the scene really looked like. !

unnamed (1)Image courtesy: by Dhaval Shah.

The scene looked like this, for which we needed to underexpose!

unnamed (2)Image courtesy: by Dhaval Shah.

Vignette - In an earlier article in this series, we spoke about how the light fall off at the image, dims it at the edges creating a vignette. Venetian is the blocking of the image-forming light around the edges of the image in a specific pattern, which may be created intentionally for creative purposes or can happen accidentally on account of using the wrong lens-hood or filters etc.

unnamed (3)Image courtesy: by Dhaval Shah.

Warm - When an image has an overall tint of color leaning towards red, yellow or orange, it is said to be an image with warm colors. It is inversely related to the color temperature. Warmer the color, lesser the color temperature.

unnamedImage courtesy: by Dhaval Shah.

Zone System- The Zone System for relative film exposure values was developed by Ansel Adams as a tool to help photographers control their images better in the time of film photography. It was characterized by 0-10 zones, labelled by Roman Numerals. Zone V meant the middle level grey tone, Zone 0 meant pure black and Zone X meant pure white.

The zone system in digital photography has given even further control to the photographer because of the visual aid, histograms etc.

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