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Shiv Murat Soni, Beauty and Conceptual fashion photographer.

Shiv Murat Soni, born on September 1st, 1988 from Amethi, Uttar Pradesh is a noted Indian beauty and conceptual fashion photographer based in Mumbai. He pursued his undergrad in applied arts from Lucknow University and has pursued his master craftsman degree in photography from Shari Academy, Mumbai. He has been honored with many awards, to name a few- Lalit Kala academy award for photographers, 2nd award by Oxfam India for Jashan-E-Azadi 2010, 1st award by AIDS control Society at diamond jubilee of Lucknow arts college, Shari Ratna, Shari Topgun, Shari Deans award etc…


Being in art school he was always exposed to photography during his undergrad, traveling and nature always fascinated him.


He joined Shari Academy, a renowned photography school to pursue his passion despite of strong opposition from his family. Studying in Shari was big turn around in his life as
he came in touch with many different genre of photography and fell in love with Beauty and fashion Photography and decided to pursue it as a career. Since then there is no looking back.


He is huge admirer of Jatin Kampani. He takes great inspiration from him for his beauty and Conceptual Fashion Photography. He feels that there is constant freshness in his body of work and that is very important for a Fashion Photographer.


This is how Shiv perceives Beauty:

“My goal for this shoot was to create a high fashion yet stunning beauty shot showcasing the makeup, model, and hair. I contacted a local modeling agency, and found an amazing young model that would provide a youthful look, but a confident and mature presence. I also invited one of my regular makeup artists over to do the hair and makeup. This was a convenient solution because she is exceptional at the international artistic hair styling and makeup I wanted for this look, and she was also in the market to expand her portfolio with respect to Hair styling”.


This is how Shiv perceives Fashion:

“For art to meet its ultimate purpose, to make one feel, imagine, think and eventually understand, it does not need to be accompanied by words, it requires no explanation. Because art can easily become the silence of thought and the music of sight, particularly when explored like a sum of all things beautiful, gifted with meaning, or envisioned in a rather wild setting”.




1&2: Sexiness can take on many forms: it can be playful or genuine, loud or poetic, it can be straightforward or subtle, but no matter what defines it, in the end its impact is roughly the same. Even more captivating if possible, when high sensuality enters fashion territory things are bound to get on the provocative side. Set somewhere between art and fantasy. Like the shocking expression of the secretary when she sees her boss in seductive pose.


3. She hides bits and pieces of the old world within her wide universe, bringing together fragments of the past and fractions belonging to a still present.


4. These photo represents peace as clearly seen in the image considering the elements, expression and colors used.


Some Important piece of Advice that Shiv wants put across his readers:


Most important bit of advice I can give you. In fact, don’t just prepare, over prepare! never walk on to a set without having a concrete idea of what you are looking to achieve.

Always be open to suggestions, and ideas, and love to see what others can bring to the table,
but never hand over the reigns.

Every time I make a mistake on set,I learn, and know better for next time.

You can’t be afraid to screw up! The reality of the situation is that inevitably, you will screw up! But Its ok, Its actually wonderful because Its how you learn.


You cannot let someone else take over your vision

You have to believe in yourself, and your work! The best way to learn is to completely throw yourself into it.

Shiv Murat Soni, is a young and a talented Beauty and Conceptual photographer. His work has been highly appreciated in the photography fraternity. He loves to create powerful Beauty portraits that are high on glamor quotient. He quenches his thirst for Image Making by coming up with brilliant new ideas and concepts and executes them to excellency. Hope Shiv’s Body of work inspired you !






Article By Harika Chanana

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