Essential Tips For Astrophotography

Astro photography is one of the most challenging niche for photographers. To capture beautiful shots of earthly landscapes beneath endless starry skies you need endless practice and expertise. These simple and essential Astrophotography tips will help you capture some outstanding shots.


Detailed Study:

It is important for all photographers to learn a little about astrophotography who wish to capture some amazing shots of the starry skies, moon and the milky way. One should know what astrophotography is, types of astrophotography and refer some images captured by legendary photographers.



A camera that is able to shoot in manual mode with bulb capability is best to capture some great shots. Use the fastest lens with largest aperture with your camera. A small tripod that can support the weight of your camera will play an essential role in the outcome of your images. A microfiber lens cloth to clean your lens. An optional remote shutter release so that your camera doesn’t shake.



Now that you have your gear in place, you will need appropriate camera settings before you start shooting. Set your shutter speed at a longer exposure time or shorter exposure time depending on the nature of image you wish to capture. Set the aperture from f/1.8 down to f/3.5 and even f/4. Manual focusing is very useful. Higher ISO is better when capturing astro photographs.


Location & Time:

Plan your shoot well. Research about the location and visit the place during day as it can get really difficult to scout the place in dark. Check where the stars are by following few apps that help you find the location of the stars and the milky way. Check the weather forecast before to plan your shoot.


Shoot RAW:

In astrophotography, shooting your images in RAW format becomes extremely helpful. The extra information gathered from these larger files will add a huge amount of dynamic range, which will allow you to process the images to a greater degree. Noise reduction will also work more effectively when coupled with the RAW image format.


Experiment with colors:

Colorful astrophotography is quite trending. Don’t be afraid to experiment with colors. Experimenting with colors will make your photograph a piece of personal art, rather than just a representation.

Astrophotography is challenging, fun, rewarding, and educational. Making images of the heavens is a great way to develop your skills as a photographer, while at the same time producing beautiful images of things that most people may not have noticed before.

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