“I just want to go on more adventures. Be around good energy. Connect with people. Learn new things. GROW”. These lines perfectly sum up Tanvi Joshi, Winner of the Mastercraftsman Award, 2016.


Tanvi’s love for travel and her ability to befriend someone very quickly, comes from the fact that she has lived and studied in different cities, making friends along the way. A small town girl, Tanvi hails from Tehri Garhwal and was born in Dehradun, came to Mumbai with her family to find her true calling. Growing up her father made sure she would read the newspaper everyday, she says “images were all I could ever connect with”. She knew from a very young age that she wanted to be a photographer, but never had the guts to stand up to her parents and tell them. While completing her dissertation in photography, her father bought her the first DSLR she ever used, after using it for sometime she became even more curious about the camera and decided to assist a photographer to gain some more in-depth knowledge. Riddhi Parekh (Shari Alumni) nurtured her and fed her inquisitiveness with a lot of patience, and advised her to join Shari Academy to fulfil her life-long dream of being a photographer.


Tanvi says studying at Shari Academy was just the same as studying at Hogwarts, where Girish Sir was Professor Dumbledore and all his students were like Harry Potter, he treated everyone like his own and gave each and every student the freedom to fully express themselves. The whole journey was magical. All the students at Shari Academy were given an open platform to practice all they wanted and were never stopped from using any equipment. Girish Sir and Hridgandha Ma’am are the pillars of Shari, a second family to anyone who joins the college. These two pillars nurture all the students technically and emotionally and not only make them better photographers, but also better human beings. Along with all the other brilliant faculty and staff, Shari Academy is a House of Knowledge, with a combined photography experience of more than 100 years.

Along the way Tanvi says she met a lot of batchmates coming from different walks of life who were all passionate about their work, and respected each others work. Along the way some of her batchmates became very close friends. Being in Shari there are so many group projects where you need somebody you can trust to be there for you at the crucial stages of a shoot, these friends gave an opportunity to experience the working of a team. Together they were able to create better images, rather than the result they would have got if they worked individually.


The Mastercraftsman Award was not Tanvi’s aim, her only target was to take one topic and give it her 200%. She took the opportunity of exhibiting her work and created images that stunned all the faculty, judges and the spectators. She shot Human Emotions, people from normal walks of life. Friends and family were her muse. She faced a lot of ups and downs during this process but parents, Girish Sir and Hridgandha Ma’am, and her friends from the academy and outside, stood by her and believed in her always. She shot people in various categories – Fashion, Travel and Fine-Art and in each picture there is a different human emotion, and she will be able to tell you a story behind every picture.

“It was not me who made my images, but the universal energy that brought together lovely people and made the whole process magical”.

On the day of the judging she told her mom “it is going to be a normal day for us no matter what happens, all we need to do is be thankful to God that he has got me till here and my panel and book are up for display”. At the end of the day Tanvi had broken all the awards that were ever received in Shari, she had won 9 awards and the most prestigious one of them all the Mastercraftsman award, and she won it with her heart.

Tanvi Joshi, Mastercraftsman 2016, a very humble, caring, creative and observant person took the awards and went back to her normal life of shooting and editing, no airs about herself, says it’s just another added experience and will cherish it my entire life.




Blog By  –  Ghazala Shaikh

Images By  –  Tanvi Joshi

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