Tips To Make More Money During The Wedding Season

When you try to become a wedding photographer you will hit a lot of barriers at first. You need a lot of experience in shooting weddings to get hired but at the same time you can’t get experience until you get hired. The problem that us photographers face in today’s world is that there a lot of photographers and not that much work. Either way it takes a lot of hard work and perseverance to lock in the final job.

We can find a wide gamut of photographers out there in the market that start their prices from Rs.10,000 a day and go up to a number that some people find it difficult to even hear. For any photographer looking to make a buck, the wedding season is the best time of the year to make some money and at the same time build new contacts and enhance their portfolio.1-4

We have listed below a few ways in which you can make an extra buck during this wedding season.

  1. Pre-wedding shoots

The latest trend in today’s day and age are pre-wedding shoots, shoots which are done prior to the wedding festivities, where the photographer along with the to-be couple get together to create images which the couple usually use for save the date cards, upload on Social Media to inform people about their wedding etc. This is a great way of earning money, and make sure to give your client a brilliant set of edited images, as they will upload these images on social media and it will build an audience for you.




  1. Actively promote yourself on Social Media

Make sure you have a page on all the famous social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter where you upload pictures on a regular basis. It is of vital importance to feed your viewers with the content they’re looking for. The more you upload, the more people will remember you.


  1. Quality not quantity

It is important to upload pictures on a regular basis, but at the same time make sure to not upload too many photos. Show your viewers only your best work. Uploading a set of good photographs will give a potential client a chance to see what you’re best at while choosing a photographer for their big day, rather than showing them a mixed bag of good and sub-standard photographs.


  1. Join a group of photographers

If you’re just starting out sometimes it would not be the best decision to take on the responsibility of taking on a full wedding. It would be advisable to join a group of other photographers who have experience in the field. A bigger group of photographers will be able to procure more clients than you will be able to do so while working alone.


– Article By: Ghazala Shaikh

– Images By: Bhargav Chauhan


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