How to take a better Photograph!!

It’s true that most of the greatest photographers of the world have a mountain full of skills and were probably born with the gift of expressing themselves through photographs, but they too had to learn the basics before they could take great pictures.

Another question we get a lot on our photograph blog is “Which camera is the best camera?” getting a specific make or model of camera isn’t as important as you might think. Neither is having a really expensive camera. A fancy camera isn’t going to teach you anything new, you would actually learn faster on a more basic camera, before you take on the world with the super cool expensive gear.

Whatever camera you’re using, take some time to get to know it. Make it your best-friend, just like friends, every camera is different, and each one has its own habits and quirks. Learn what all the parts of your camera can do. Most importantly read the manual that comes with the camera, even though it might seem like the most boring thing on earth.

But some of the most basic things you can do to take better photos will apply to all cameras.

Here are few to get you started-

1. Holding Your Camera

One of the most common mistakes that beginners make is not holding the camera in the right way. The biggest problem being encountering “camera shake”, which results in slightly blurry pictures. A good way to avoid this is to place one hand under the camera, and brace that arm’s elbow against your ribs. This will give you more stability. You could also kneel on one knee, with the other knee forward so you can rest your camera-supporting arm on it, or lean against a wall or something for extra support.



2. Tripod

The most common form of camera support you can use is a tripod. When you use a tripod, it is guaranteed that you will get a sharper image, and will also give you time and room to concentrate more on light and composition. A tripod is best used when you know you’re going to be in the same position for a long period of time. They’re most apt for low light situations as you can slow down your shutter speed. When buying a tripod, look for one that’s sturdy, and can take the weight of your gear. It must also have extendable legs that can be easily raised and lowered.

3. Picture Composition

One of the most important thing to do to improve your photography is learn how to compose a picture. You might notice that many of your photos are not that interesting compared to that of other photographers, or are not fun to look at. There are a lot of possible reasons for these problems, but a big one is composition.


In a well composed image, all the elements of composition- color, line, tone, pattern, space and perspective work together to make the image compelling. If you are able to keep in mind these aspects of composition before pressing your camera shutter then you’ll be able to capture a more appealing image. Take not of what’s in the foreground and background, and how things look from different angle. Keep a look out for details and shadows.

By Ghazala Shaikh