About Shari Academy

Welcome to Shari Academy

Shari Academy was founded in 1991 and is India’s finest photography training school. Based in Mumbai, we were the first and till now one of only two schools in India to be Adobe certified.

Shari Academy is headed by Mr. Girish Mistry as its dean, a renowned photographer and an avid trainer.

Shari blog is our effort at spreading our knowledge beyond the class rooms and streets of Mumbai that they have been part of till now. We believe photography is an art and that it grows in its form as it is shared. We do our bit of sharing with this blog, and hope that you find it engaging enough to contribute your part.

Feel free to leave your comments, feedback and suggestions for us here. If you are keen to know of our courses and workshops feel free to get in touch with us through the contact form or through Twitter or our Facebook page.