Digital Pyrotechnics

digital_pyrotechnicsWe will take you through a roller coaster ride in a real cool way to learn post processing of images. You will simply have to follow the diagrams and the explanation below to understand the simple steps that will enrich your knowledge about enhancing your images once you click on them.

Foto Madari

foto_madariJust like a magician plays tricks to amuse the audience, we as photographers can create effects that can help you look at things in a whole new way. Learn new tips and tricks with us and make great images.

Gadget Bag

gadget_bagThe coolest gadgets to hit town make the first hit here on our blog. Learn about the features, pros and cons to help you make the best buy.

Photography Ustaads

photography_ustaadsReview the work of the great masters to help expand your vision of photography.  This article helps you understand the journey of a photographer through the achievers experience.

Shari Shooters

shari_shootersView some of the work of the Shari students along with the meta data (the camera setting at which the image is captured). Feel free to add to the comments.